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Postby NaglaaAttia » Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:45 pm

This is to share what I have been told by the doctor as well about MS

I have been suffering from it for the past year. on top of what we all know about it Dr explained that my emotional health is part of it.
Apparently I went through an extremely sad period of my life last year,
Where I lost confidence and hope in people. During this time i lost a massive amount of weight and was hardly able to sleep. I was screaming at night and in such a state. AT that stage I suffered from numb hands and toes along with blurred visions but was treating each separately
till I was diagnosed with MS it took a while to get better, however this time of the year reminds me of this sad part of my life and i started to suffer from multiple attacks .
What i was surprised to learn is, YES we need to take care of our emotions cause believe it or not it either help you to progress or it might hinder the progress.
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