where my ideas will naturally fit

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where my ideas will naturally fit

Postby icecube2 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:43 am


You know when you have a light bulb moment, I've just had one and this is where I need to be here and Chiropractic.

I believe that the medical profession underestimate the natural healing abilities of the human body, I've been trying to convince people on general and that just 'aint gonna happen.

Here is the place to be, taking vitamins and supps are good short term, but long term we need to establish why some of us are vitamin deficient and "Candida" may explain why. Our bodies should be able to generate its own vitamins if ones diet is good and balanced, ask a qualified nutritionist, I'm sure that they will back me up on that one.

The human body is a remarkable piece of engineering but like a car it has to be well maintained both structurally and in its fuel or lubricants. put rubbish in and sooner later it will quit.

Also I believe in Chinese medicine even Indias philosophy of life, these have both been learned over thousands of years, modern medicine to forget that.

I am so happy to have finally found somewhere that I fit :-D
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