(NAC) N Acetyl Cysteine please help

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(NAC) N Acetyl Cysteine please help

Postby Ben21 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:28 pm

I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about this because I hear it is also being used to treat MS

I have been taking (NAC) N Acetyl Cysteine for OCD treatment as an NDMA antagonist, and it seems to work pretty well. I am taking 600mg every six hours. Is is safe to up my daily dosage to 3600 mg? The very first time I took it I felt a kick after about 30 minutes. It doesn't appear to work the full six hours and there are sustained release tablets that are 600 mg but they are dispersed over time and are therefore less potent.

I also had to deal with some tremors and fasiculations and this seems to help out a lot with that.

I want to take one immediate release and one sustained release three times daily for a total of 3600 mg daily. Is this safe?
My doctor does not know enough about it to tell me what the negative side effects could be.
Some people have said that it will cause pulmonary hypertension. Does anyone have experience with this or know anyone who does?

Please don't tell me to go consult someone I have been dealing with this for the past five years of my life and I finally found something that gives me relief.
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