Test! Do I have MS or ??

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Test! Do I have MS or ??

Postby dez2000 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:08 am

Test! Do I have MS or ?? Simple test. One; sugar addicts, eliminate all processed sugars and processed vegetable oils and foods.
Two: Take one gram vitamin C every waking hour to bowel tolerance. (voluntary non toxic diarrhea) Reduce vitamin C to one gram every four to six hours. for three days. If you decide to discontinue, do not stop all at ounce for the body has adapted to having the vitamin available.
Vitamin C is the most mportant nutrient for life after water, oxygen and food.
Three day test will effect allergies, virus, head aches, colds, flu, constipation, stomach, energy, nerves, sleep, inflammation, heart, etc. etc. Some or all.
To increase the effectiveness of this test, take multi-B, vitamins and multi-minerals.
Also fresh fruit every morning, Fruits have many important micro nutrients that enhance the power of the vitamins and minerals.
Voluntary non toxic diarrhea is the bodies signal that the body is saturated with vitamin C
If this test does not address most or all your symptoms, see your doctor for further testing.
This test is totally non toxic. If some one says different, ask “ Where are the bodies?
Drugs cure nothing, they only mask the problem and enhance the pharmaceutical companies profits.
Internet Searches: ‘sugar the sweetest poison of all’ ‘cancer oxygen’ ‘ms cures’
‘prevention arthritis cure’ There are many more.
My go site is ‘doctoryourself.com’ Many health issues treatments and cures are documented by doctors and scientists of tens of thousands of patients as well as the their Bio’s.
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