Curcumin again... Theracurmin

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Curcumin again... Theracurmin

Postby CureOrBust » Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:51 am

Just did my quarterly bulk shop of herbs & nutrients, and found out about the new form called Theracurmin. Anyone have any experience with it?

It appears they have improved the bioavailability by grinding it down to a smaller particle size. There is a cou0pld of published articles on it, but my guess is that a close relationship exists either with the manufacturer or the person who originally designed this version of curcumin. However, nothing shows up in the conflict of interest sections. The fact that most are available without payment just pushes the advertising feeling for me. I also saw a product that had 300mg Theracurmin, and below it in brackets it had 30mg curcumin. see ... 00mg/print

using an image on an advertisers site.
Image ... 5_660/_pdf
Innovative Preparation of Curcumin for Improved Oral Bioavailability
Thus, it was confirmed that THERACURMIN raised the plasma concentration of curcumin by 39.8—81.7 times at 1—2h after administration compared with curcumin powder.
Potential protective effect of highly bioavailable curcumin on an oxidative stress model induced by microinjection of sodium nitroprusside in mice brain.
. Oral administration of Theracurmin(®) (1 and 3 g kg(-1), containing 100 and 300 mg kg(-1) curcumin, respectively) significantly protected against SNP-induced brain damage and motor dysfunction. However, oral administration of 300 mg kg(-1) curcumin did not protect against motor dysfunction induced by SNP. These results suggest that curcumin and Theracurmin(®) have protective effects against SNP-induced oxidative damage. Moreover, oral administration of Theracurmin(®), had more potency in protecting against brain damage, suggesting a higher bioavailability of Theracurmin(®) following oral administration.
Drinkable preparation of Theracurmin exhibits high absorption efficiency--a single-dose, double-blind, 4-way crossover study.

A search of pubmed
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Re: Curcumin again... Theracurmin

Postby NHE » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:50 pm

Josh Trutt is a doctor in New York. Here are some articles of his that discuss curcumin (including Theracurmin). ... ted-equal/
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