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Postby Chris55 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:35 am

As I said, I have completely cured an incurable disease (intersistal cystitis) with nothing but a change in diet and supplements. The condition appeared ONLY after I had undergone severe changes in my diet. The only reason I resorted to "natural" is because the medical profession had absolutely nothing to offer me! When first diagnosed, there was nothing. Now they do have some crude, barbaric treatments. Also, Harvard just came out with a diet to prevent Alzheimer's. Again--supplements are not going to harm my daughter and at this time, she is still on her MS meds. She did stop Adderall as she has no more fatigue. Since she no longer has itching in the arms, she is probably going to start weaning herself off of the Neurontin and Tegretol. But she is still taking her Avonex and the Lexipro.
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meat milk and ms

Postby jimmylegs » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:42 am

you know brom i think it's different for everybody. i just looked at what is low in people with MS, and my lifestyle, connected the dots, and realized, bloody hell! i did this to myself!

also since my main problem right now is with myelin, and that can regrow, i'm okay with the lifestyle mod and nutrition approach. for now. not saying i won't consider something else in the future - never say never!

ttfn :)
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Postby MSresearcher » Sat May 19, 2007 7:35 pm

Thank you for reporting this remarkable news. I guess some people are a little sensitive about stories like yours But dont remember you saying the word "cure" a few MRI's would substantiate any claim that promising. May be the Forum would some answers to these types of questions:

How were you diagnosed?
When were you diagnosed?
Have you ever had an MRI before or after your treatment to show a reduction in mylein damage?
What was your rate of relapse?
What were your symptoms before you started this treatment?
Do you use a diseaase modifying drug in combonation with your therapy?
Did symptoms dissipate/disappear?
If so how fast?
did your symptoms come back?
is this a one time therapy or a "rest of your life regime"?
how long did it take to see the effects?

These would be diredted to your Daughter to start with.

I have been burned by cure claims and am skeptical but i remain open minded. I am not a doctor or a nutrionist. I am only intrested in what works and what doesnt. I dont about the how and why of it. So before you get that number have your daughter answer these questions to help us all out.
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