PS from Netherlands Daughter

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PS from Netherlands Daughter

Postby Chris55 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:58 pm

To all the naysayers regarding nutrition and do you address Lorenzo's Oil? This "diet" regimen completely "cures" a fatal childhood disease. Absolutely nothing but nutrition! And this disease destroys the nerves. When one has high cholesteral, the first recommended change is "diet". There are so many, many examples of nutrition and illnesses, I could just go on and on! As I said, I DO believe in traditional medicine--truly I do! Had my daughter had to quit her MS meds, I would have been upset! But I also believe in homeopathic treatments only because they have worked for me on many occasions.

One final note...I do find it curious that those who do not believe in natural/nutrition options would even come to this forum??? I think people who get MS need to do everything they can to educate themselves about every aspect of this disease--even including medical research. I think you have to be an active participant and take as much responsibility as possible for your treatment, i.e., be as informed as possible! My daughter grew up with the "get sick, go to the doctor, get a prescription" routine. For those with MS, I think that can be counter-productive when no 2 doctors are going to tell you the same thing! I think you need to be as educated as possible about every possible differential diagnosis option there is. They still don't even know what this disease is--they only "think" it is an autoimnume "disease"!

But--I do not have MS. I just have a daughter with the disease. My heart breaks for all of you--sincerely! I pray for all of you and wish nothing but good things! Bless you all--you are the bravest people I know! With respect, Chris
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i agree and restate my welcome to you

Postby jimmylegs » Wed Jun 21, 2006 4:22 pm

ugh i know chris isn't it scary... i never realized how freaking irresponsible i was until i got this thing and realized whoa, the doctor is not responsible for my health... holy crap! gotta learn a lot of stuff! and my background with naturopathic medicine beats the pants off my experiences with mainstream medicine. i mean sure, you need a prescription, or your annual checkup, fine. but dealing with problems? i am so thoroughly on board with supporting and restoring healthy body function instead of throwing in drugs to replace natural body systems. of course this doesn't work with everything but it works with lots of things! i could give a bunch of examples. for one, an ex-boyfriend had a hereditary liver problem and his dad had died at 32. they were pushing prescription meds on him and when i looked them up liver damage was a side effect. i said whatever, that's ridiculous and we did diet modifications. after a year we received a letter from his doctors congratulating him on getting his cholesterol down into the normal range without medication. meanwhile his sister was on the meds and worked at kentucky fried chicken and ate whatever she wanted and her levels were high even with the medication.

anyway chris ppl just come in and check out whatever's new. i think also you just had the bad luck to join the site at the wrong time when some people's backs were up anyway. but no worries, the different points of view is one of the great things about this site. sometimes you just disagree, but sometimes it sheds new light on something you hadn't considered. and sometimes people forget that ms is a pretty broad brush stroke and that it's okay that some things apply to some patients and not to others. anyway the debate is a great part of this experience so don't feel too bad :)
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