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To Jimmylegs

Postby Chris55 » Thu Jun 22, 2006 7:10 am

Jimmy--how do I email you directly??? Wanted to give you the lastest on my daughter, Suzy. We live in South Carolina (where the heat and humidity is brutal). As I said, she and her husband are camping this week. Temps are hitting 97-98. The heat does not bother her at all anymore!!! She called last night and said she has been overly-emotional and can't stop crying. She does not know why. Maybe a change in harmones??? She is keeping a journal and her husband is going to publish on the internet for her. Oh, 2 days ago, she tried to water ski--LOL!! She has done nothing physical in 3 years. When she received her first IV steriod treatment, she gained 80 pounds in 10 days. Was in a size 3 and went to a size 18 (on her honeymoon!) She has never lost any of the weight. Anyway, she tried 20 times to get up on the skis--never succeeded. Said her muscles screamed in agony! She is really, really funny. When she had her first appt. with her MS specialist, the waiting room was full of patients in various stages of severe disability. When the doctor came in, my daughter said, "Don't even bother wasting your time! If that's my future out there, just call Dr. Kavorkian!" She is also unbelievable gorgeous--but don't tell her that. She doesn't believe it. Anyway, if you want me to continue updating you, please let me know. I have been corresponding with an MS online friend of my daughter's for about 3 years now. She called Atlanta and is sending off her urine sample this week. She is to keep me posted on her progress. Let me know how to email you and I will keep you updated--Chris
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sending private messages

Postby jimmylegs » Thu Jun 22, 2006 8:27 am

hi c, u click on the profile link under my post and there is a button for you to send a private message. you check for a reply by scrolling down the left margin to the "who's online" section, and checking for private messages.

my gosh 80 pounds in TEN DAYS? i didn't know that was possible. that's awesome that she tried water skiing. i have never gotten up on the damned things myself but i only tried three times. i blame the instructor ;) (ex-boyfriend hee hee hee)
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