Buyer Beware: Shady Supplements

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Buyer Beware: Shady Supplements

Postby NHE » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:36 pm

So I was investigating a new supplement I saw advertised in the coupons from my Sunday paper. It's called Cognium and it's sold by Natrol. A website was given where many good things were said about it, e.g., it enhances glucose uptake in neurons, it improves cerebral blood flow, it binds to beta-amyloid and reduces clusters and tangles, it enhances cognitive and memory performance and on and on. It sounds like everything an MS patient would ever want. However, I checked the references. Out of eight references given, I was only able to find one on PubMed. Surprise, the article has been retracted due to data fabrication! The retraction notice was published 7 months ago, yet the website is still listing it. All of the other articles were published in Korean journals not carried by PubMed. Supposedly, these were all studies done in Korea. However, the clinical studies page strangely shows all Caucasians. The moral of the story is buyer beware! Even established supplement companies will promote their products using deception.
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