Has anyone heard of Stemplex?

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Postby morganator » Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:09 am

I calculated what it approximately costs per me per month to individually buy the same ingredients as those in Stemplex. Choosing the LifeExtension Wild Blueberry product(which you may be able to use alone instead of buying the Megafood Wild Blueberry along with a Blueberry extract. Though for now I will include both), I figured out that my cocktail for stemcell proliferation would cost you about $40 per month, $20 to $30 dollars cheaper per month than paying for a month supply of Stemplex, saving you $240 to $360 dollars a year. I think that is worth the savings. Remember, these are supplements many people, especially adults over 30, should be taking anyway. I just don't believe that Stemplex is going to be more effective than taking these supplements as a cocktail concocted on your own. Like I said, consult your doctor, or a supplement expert. I really believe that you could even find a way to get your stemcell proliferation cocktail for less than $40 per month. You just have to find the best deals.

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Postby morganator » Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:53 am

If you do not use the megafood wildblueberry and just use the Life Extension WildBlueberry Extract, the monthly cost for your stem cell proliferation cocktail will be about $32 per month, $384 per year. Stemplex, if you get it at the company's listed retail price of $68 per month, will cost you $806 per year. Your own cocktail could save you $422 dollars per year! So is it worth it to look into another way to purchase what you need to possibly significantly increase stem cells in you body? It would appear so. Remember, it has not been proven that these supplements definitely proliferate the production of stem cells. And, there is only one research study that has been shown as evidence, and that was not performed on humans. What we think we do know for sure is that these supplements, combined, or by themselves, all may have significant health benefits, especially blueberries. Just trying to save some people that are in a vulnerable state and suffering from a very scary illness, some money. People selling this products like Stemplex should be ashamed that they are taking advantage of other people that are vulnerable and desperate. Hope everyone has some luck with whatever treatments, natural or pharmaceutical, that they try to use. And thank god Obama is president. Now we may start actually make the progress needed in the field of stem cell therapies. Oh yeah, I should mention that there is a doctor by the name of Steenblock currently offering personalized regeneratinive therapies, one involving taking your own stem cells from your bone marrow and injecting them into your bloodstream where they may go to all areas of your body, including your brain, and repair damage. I believe he charges $2500 dollars to anyone who wants this treatment. It is very costly, but if you can afford it, the treatment carries very low risks if any, and may be very beneficial. Not sure about MS though. You can look it up online. Just google personalized regenerative therapy by Dr. Steenblock and I think you will find what you need. Actually, I have the phone number for his office in California. It is 1800.300.1063. Just like to pass along information whenever it may help.
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Postby morganator » Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:00 pm

sunocean, where are you? im interested in hearing your response to me. i guess if we don't hear from you we can assume that you may not have not argument and realize it. not that this discussion board should be used for making arguments
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stem cells

Postby colofalc » Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:35 pm

morganator, I find your efforts to do it yourself at lower cost quite sensible. Nonetheless, I am more intrigued by reviewing the specific products that are out there. No question they are full of claims but then so are new prescription medications. Trying. as you are, to put together a workable mix is great but it still depends on the effectiveness of the ingredients. I've been researching this by paying attention to the various products, claims and evidence. Here are some of the products:

1. stemgevity (put out by Dr Steenblock who also has been criticized by some, e.g. Dr Barrett over at quackwatch.com.
However this critic is heavily traditional medicine. I value traditional medicine but know that it does not promote celery for high blood pressure or cinnamon for blood sugar because these items are cheap. So FDA type testing isn't done. Anyway stemgevity is costly too. The website is http://www.stemgevity.com
2. stemplex which has been commented on quite a bit here. All I might add is the dosages may be important so making your own mix could be better or worse. If the product worked I agree to seeing how to reduce the costs.
3. stem enhance which pushes AFA blue green algae. On this I note many questions are addressed by them at this page:
http://www.stemenhancefaq.com This product is sold MLM but that is just a marketing approach. It is not one I care for because distributors are not always accurate and far to pushy but it does not mean the product is bad. By the way at that page they address the toxic allegations on klamath. The bottom line is most people should use common sense and their own research.
4. stem naturals is another one with its own mix. Apparently the theory is that the klamath algae helps with stem cell production. Or rather a specific concentrate called AFA algae. Their website is here:

All of the above are unknown to me. I have not tried any of them nor am I interested at my age in selling them. My problem is I have a grandchild who sustained oxygen deprivation so is brain damaged at age one year old. I've looked in hyperbarics (a fascinating subject) and the parents may get expensive stem cell treatment outside the country which I seriously question. I agree that Obama needs to unleash the field so American know how can get going but it will likely be years for results. In the meantime I do not blame people for seeing what can be done now. I'd just appreciate someone reporting back when anything works for them.

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Stem enhance, stemplex, etc...

Postby riverrat302 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:22 pm

I have been researching these products for quite some time. I believe the products works, you just have to decide if you want to deal with an MLM or not. As others have said, you can purchase these products individually for far less.

Simplexity and Stem Tech both evolved from Cell Tech. Cell Tech was sued in California courts for making statements about the stem products curing known ailments. A BIG NO NO if your not FDA approved. Cell Tech had to pay back all customers for a 5 year period. The people behind Stem Tech are from Cell Tech, as are Simplexity.

Stem Tech offers two human products, Stem Enhance and Stem Flow, each retails for 60.00 a bottle. Interestingly, Simplexity, combines both into one from researching their ingredients. it's obvious these business partners split up after the law suit and went there own ways marketing the same product which is Blue Green algae and the other organic extracts.

If you go to desert lake technologies you can purchase Blue Green Algae for .077 cents per capsule. The lady that answers the phone is the owners wife of Stem Tech, Cassandra. Who, by the way, purchased Desert Lakes Technology after the blow up at Cell Tech. She will tell you that Blue Green Foods is infringing upon there patents and doesn't know the true ingredients, and that Simplexity is also an inferior product as Stem Enhance is a PROPRIETARY BLEND. Well I am not so sure about Stem Techs claims of the SECRET FORMULA. All of their distributors are very clear in telling you, NO ONE ELSE sells this and its patented. Some research at the patent dept will tell you the details of their patents..

I am all for healthy living and understand that bio-technology in this decade and beyond will develop other beneficial products. The blue green algae has been around for decades if not 100 years or more. The difference today seems in the way they harvest and process it. There are several harvesters on Lake Klamath. Desert lake states they have a barge on the lake so they process it right as they harvest it.

I have been taking the Blue Green Foods Stem Enhance for only 3 days and haven't noticed anything, but I doubt I would in that short time. The minimal dosage from the patents is 1 gram of AFA per day up to 10 grams. So do the math if you have an ailment they suggest a higher dose. So lets say you have cancer or some serious health ailment or are a stroke victim and you take 8 grams a day. That equates to a 3.75 day supply for 60.00... More expensive that most could afford. Remember the patent states a minimum of 1 gram (1000 mg) to see a benefit. This would be true with Simplexity's product as well. Its even worse at Stem Tech to get the same amount of product of Simplexity you need to purchase two products, Stem Enhance and Stem Flow. So thats 120.00 for both products, Stem Enhance has 60 and Stem Flow has 90 capsules which is 3 capsules twice or more a day. You can do the math to see that for a month supply if you are taking this for a serious disease the price would be approximately, 320.00 a month for Stem Enhance and 120.00 a month for Stem Flow. So for 440.00 a month I am sure I can do better if I was very ill and probably don't have income to support that type of regiment.

its interesting to me how they promote and sell these products for a huge profit. You can certainly see they are not in it to help you but to make enormous amounts of money as an MLM. To the level of you can get a free BMW Convertible for reaching a certain level, which is by getting points for selling and for getting other distributors to sign up When MLM's offer incentives like that you know the profits are ridiculous.

So you can either research and get your own for the best price possible or join a MLM and help these people make fortunes and live with the thought that your taking peoples money whom are sick and wanting to feel better for the time they have left. They will not CLAIM it cures anything as that got them into trouble as Cell Tech but they pray on people with severe ailments and have testimonials of such people on telephone conference calls.

I am sure some distributor is going to hammer me for this post, but the truth is in knowing the facts.
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Re: Has anyone heard of Stemplex?

Postby zen2010 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:20 am


I just got informed about this supplement, however I was told the right product for MSers was "Stemtech Enhanced", not "Stemplex"


I heard people saying this supplement brought them incredible benefits (energy increased, pain decreased, global status improved etc...)
Well, I guess I'm gonna try...

It would be interesting to get the feedback from MSers who already tried...

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Re: Has anyone heard of Stemplex?

Postby HananSabry » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:31 pm

I live in Toronto. Do you know where I can buy Stemplex in Toronto or even online?
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