Conflicting opinions on some suppliments.

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Conflicting opinions on some suppliments.

Postby tzootsi » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:11 am

Sometimes it gets very frustrating -
Vitamin C - lots of people feel it's helpful for MS. Now people are saying keep away, as it helps absorb iron.
Zinc - many positive posts on zinc. However Dr. Hans Neiper ( calcium EAP promoter) recommends avoiding zinc.
Cherries - Good anti-oxidant - however I believe it helps lower uric acid. Uric acid is supposed to be good for ms.
Caffeine - I have heard both pros and cons on this for ms.
Spinach and kale - great foods for cellular health, as per Terry Wahls, however they are rich in iron and vitamin k. If CCSVI is a factor, don't want to add too much iron or thicken the blood!

Yikes! It gets frustrating sometimes. Just illustrates how little we really understand about ms and nutrition.
However some things seem like a no brainer- low saturated fats, lots of vitamin D, exercise, fish oil, anti-oxidants, and CCVSI correction.
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