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A forum to discuss Aimspro (Goat Serum) as a possible therapy for MS

Aimspro in France ?

Can we try it in France ?
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Aimspro gets Approval for Phase IIB Trial

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Daval International Limited Gains Approval for Phase IIB Trial of AIMSPRO(R)

LONDON, November 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Daval International Limited, a UK private company, announces MHRA and IRB (Ethics Committee) approval of a London based Phase IIB trial of AIMSPRO(R), its hyperimmune caprine serum derivative.

This double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over study will seek to detect a beneficial effect on bladder function in patients with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, following open-label observations over several years in ...
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Aimspro and the UK MS Society

From the Daval website ... php?nid=23

22/05/07 - The MS Society

We are aware that it is a common practice for those who are interested in learning more about Aimspro to make enquiries of the MS Society. Whilst we approve of the desire to understand our product, we do not consider that the MS Society will be able to provide the level of assistance that is required.
The ...
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Hello all.
I just joined today. I read back and found some things on SF1019. I found a lot of negative. As I read I understood that for the most part people who were commenting were frustrated because of lack of info. I have found that lack of knowledge regarding drug development and how the process works can be confusing and also make persons who are desperate for a cure find fault and look for ...
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My wife is an Aimspro patient

my wife has had MS fo 14 plus years and we desperately tried everything, treatments, diets, and so on. we researched desperately as she became progressively worse until she became confined to her bed.
We were sceptical about Aimspro, the negative messages we read, until we were fortunate enough to find a group of Aimspro users, the group shares its experiences amongst themselves and we joined in.
To day my wife, although still in a ...
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Aimspro - New Trials in the works ... php?nid=22

23/01/07 - Trials

Daval International Limited now has links with a number of key clinical and scientific researchers worldwide, with a growing level of interest being shown in the setting up of randomised double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials of AIMSPRO. A European leader in the study and treatment of multiple sclerosis has recently submitted a trial protocol for consideration by an Institutional Ethics Committee and the ...
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Criminal probe into MS ‘wonder drug’

Apologies in advance for the length of this post but I think it important that this story, taken from the excellent MSRC News Archive, has a wide audience.
Criminal probe into MS ‘wonder drug’
A DRUG company is under criminal investigation for the way it has marketed an unproven “wonder” treatment for multiple sclerosis to thousands of patients.
The firm, Daval International, chaired by a discharged bankrupt described by a High Court judge in ...
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Hoping to try aimspro

Im just wondering how many people out there (well on this board at least lol) have tried aimspro and what their experiences were.

Im trying not to get caught up with the miracle stories floating about but Ive come to a point where I feel that I have little choice other than to at least try aimspro.

Ive been on avonex (that was when my condition deteriorated substantially), Ive tried diet (didnt do a lot), ...
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Aimspro available in the UK

This article was on the MSRC site but it looks like advertising - so please delete Arron if it breaches any rules.

The area where I live in London is where a GP was giving out Aimspro on an informed consent basis. My MS nurse told me that a couple of her patients had used it and she had seen no positive effect on them.

The price seems high for a drug that has not ...
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