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A forum to discuss Aimspro (Goat Serum) as a possible therapy for MS

News from Daval International

News from Daval International

17/03/06 - The first batch of Australian sourced serum has been maufactured and vialled in the United Kingdom.

Following sterility testing Aimspro will be available to those Primary Care Trusts and doctors who have already registered their interest and information packs have been dispatched to them today. On receipt of prescriptions, Daval expects to begin delivering Aimspro during the first two weeks of April.
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Announcement, Aimspro availability on "specials" i

Saw this on the Proventus site, breaking news section.

23 January 2006
Announcement of imminent Aimspro availability on "specials" in the UK!

Aimspro on the verge of availability in the UK...

In February or March 2006, Aimspro will finally be imported to the UK from
Australia, where it is now being produced. Australia, unlike the US, is free of
BSE, and patient safety has been of paramount importance ...
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Aimspro News 8/23/05 ... 230805.cfm

The Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia has awarded Aimspro “Orphan Drug Status” in the treatment of Krabbe’s Leukodystrophy, a serious inherited disease of the nervous system. This condition is characterised by the failure of the myelin sheaths surrounding nerve fibres to develop normally.

Formal controlled, double blinded trials will now take place in Australia to assess the medication’s efficacy in treating this rare, disabling condition.

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Aimspro Breaking News from Daval

Breaking News

Aimspro is a product derived from the serum of immunised goats. Daval have, until now, used a flock of goats based in the USA. The recent case of suspected “Mad Cow Disease” in North America has led Daval International Limited to consider the safest source of serum for all future production, especially as the USA is now deemed to be a Category 3 risk area.

The medication has an impeccable safety record (thanks ...
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Personal account of response to Aimspro

I am not linked to Aimspro, or to any charity or organisation linked to Daval. I attained Aimspro through a prescription from my doctor and paying Daval their asking price. Although not cheap, I wouldnt call it exhorberant considering the costs they have probably incurred thus far.

I have now undergone two injections, about two weeks ago.

I have found that aimspro had only a little affect on my MS symptoms (0 to 10% if ...
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Aimspro injection. What to expect?

Hi all,

I have managed to get Aimspro, that will be delivered in the comming days.

I was hoping to get some information from someone else who has used it.

I am wondering what I can expect from injecting something that has JUST defrosted from -20C. What is it like injecting something that is SOOOOO cold into warm flesh?

I currently inject rebif 44 three times a week, after it has warmed to room temp. ...
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Aimspro - article from MS Trust

Dear all,

The following article from the UK MS Trust (a charity) website provides further details about the optic neurosis trial with Aimspro.

Aimspro trial results presented

Doctors in Oxford who conducted a small trial of Aimspro as a treatment for optic neuritis presented their results at a meeting of the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) in Belfast on 1 April.

This is the first randomised double blind placebo controlled trial of the drug. The ...
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Aimspro Update 14th April 2005

Posted on MSRC (The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre)

Aimspro Latest Update 14th April 2005

Over the past few weeks the subject of Aimspro has been at the forefront of many people's thoughts. There is a great deal of speculation and conjecture about what is happening with this therapy, the company involved and the MHRA.

Proventus, the support group for Aimspro users and those attempting to receive this treatment, ...
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Faith in Aimspro

Having read the last post from Finn. I am wondering where this person gets all of their information. They seem to know everything about Daval. I don't think so? Daval has never ever charged any patient for Aimspro. Daval is a small company who has a product which they and a lot of eminent professionals in the medical world believe in. Daval has shareholders who have invested their savings with the belief that Daval has ...
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