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Dear all,

Last week I reported that the UK MS Society had called the Aimspro optic neurosis trial results disappointing. The makers Aimspro (Daval International) have written to the UK MS Society.The letter is on their website and is copied below:

Dear Sir


As you know, we act on behalf of Daval International Limited the producers of the above product.

On 6 April 2005 you posted on your website an article headed “Further evidence ...
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Aimspro - not looking so good

Dear all,

The UK MS Society has posted the following on its website:

Further evidence needed after disappointing Aimspro trial results, say neurologists

The results from the recently completed small study of Aimspro (goat serum) in optic neuritis (a common symptom or model for MS) were presented at a scientific meeting last week. They make it clear that the main measures used to evaluate its effect were negative. Tertiary outcomes, while not showing a ...
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Has there been any more news about this I wonder? I'm on my antibiotic regime still and making good progress, but also interested in aimspro for it's anti inflamatory properties. I'm convinced that my "symptoms" are more from the inflamation caused by die off (whether killed by antibiotics or my own immune system) than the bacteria itself at this point? Does that make sense to anyone? Anyway, aimspro is apparently a top notch antiinflamatory (according ...
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What are the components used in Aimspro?

i was wondering if anyone knows the components of the goat serum? What part of the blood do they use, or what is the process? I am not able to use whole blood products of any sort, but if it were just a certain component, it may be possible. Also, is it available anywhere but the uk at this time?
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Optic Neuritis Trial Results for Aimspro- what do you think?

The below web-clip is from Daval's website. They are calling the Optic Neuritis trial a "significant success". I am concerned, though, that they mention statistical significance in tertiary outcome measures. Does that mean that their primary and secondary measures were not significant? And how many people were in this trial....? Lots of information yet to be released.

Once they get their journal articles accepted and in-press, I hope they'll be available, somewhere...

Here's the statement ...
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No Tysabri, but plenty of the abortion pill

Let me rant a little. Now I don't want people to die and I do want the best outcome of Tysabri, BUT this week, the FDA finds that Ritalin, probably misspelled, may cause an increase in cancer, but they will have to do a long term study, while still given to many children everyday. The abortion pill kills mothers and obviously kills babies, and now they are wanting to put it OVER THE COUNTER! They ...
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I just had a look at the Daval International site and to my horror found this:-

Daval halts trial over hospital protocol concerns.

Does anyone know more details?
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Aimspro trial results

Any news about the trial results that ended last November ?

Thanks in advance

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Debbie's Aimspro Story

Our member Debbie8067 graciously submitted her personal experience with Aimspro. I trust many of you will find this an enlightening read:

"This is a response to Aaron's reqest for more Goat Serum info so here goes!

I was dxd in 1988 at the same time as my late father ( he had PPMS and went downhill quite quickly. He had to be fed through his stomach as he lost his swallowing reflex) and developed dementia ...
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