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A forum to discuss Aimspro (Goat Serum) as a possible therapy for MS

Alternative to LDN

As LDN increases the levels of endorphins, which are supposed to play a role in its efficacy... has anyone tried the alternative of increasing endorphins via excercise? Surely this would do the same things as endorphins are released during physical activity
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How Aimspro works

Dear Friends,

I would like to share my opinion about this product.

This is what I think is known:
There are two kinds of MHC (Major Histo compatibility Complex) molecule that each cell type recognizes. Cytotoxic T cells bind to peptides that are held in MHC Class I molecules, which are found on most cells in the body. Helper T cells interact exclusively with peptides that are held in MHC Class II molecules, which are ...
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Aimspro Trial results?

I had read somewhere- I think maybe here? that the Optic Neuritis trial results for Aimspro would be released by the end of November.

It's the 30th. Anyone know anything?
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Aimspro clinical trials- status?

Hello all,

From what I understand the Aimspro clinical trials have been going on for over a year. If this medication is as effective as the anecdotal reports seem to indicate, I would think that they would stop the trials early...?

Does anyone have any information on this?

On one hand it is fairly standard to have a early endpoint if it is overwhelmingly (statistically) obvious that the treatment is helping.

Then again, doing this ...
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Goat tested for BSE

This article bothers me!

Does anyone know when AIMSPRO will be produced synthetically?
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Goat tested for BSE

This article bothers me!

Does anyone know when AIMSPRO will be produced synthetical?
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Aimspro info

Article at

Find out the latest news from the Scientists, 15/10/2004

Dr Bryan Youl, the consultant neurophysiologist leading the clinical research programme for Daval, has provided us with some important news. He is delighted to report that the observations already made in the central nervous system (in Multiple Sclerosis patients) are being echoed by similar findings in peripheral nerves (outside the brain and spine). This is an exciting ...
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New Aimspro Page


I have just put together a new page on Aimspro

please have a look and let me know what you think, and anything that is missed.


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An update on Goat Serum from the MS Society in the UK

What is goat serum?

This treatment uses antibodies from the serum (the fluid portion of blood) of goats that have been inoculated with a variety of vaccines, to generate neutralising antibodies.
Antibodies are proteins produced by white blood cells in response to an antigen (foreign protein), to destroy/neutralise the antigen. The strong anti-inflammatory component of the serum is thought by researchers to be 'potentially useful' in the treatment of MS.

Much anecdotal evidence ...
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Another site to monitor AIMSPRO

This site has some information on Aimspro.
This may have been already been posted or known about.
But I thought it would be good to post.

Those in the UK that are members here and are taking Aimspro in the trials, it would great to have regular updates on your condition.
I know the rest of us in the US could use some good news.

At a 85% ...
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