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Dalfampridine, or Ampyra, is a potassium channel blocker that is shown to improve visual function, motor skills and relieve fatigue in MS patients.

Ampyra? Don't think I need it?

Everytime I go to my Neuro, they test my walking time.
I don't feel like I have slowed at all. But he wants me to start taking this stuff. They delivered it today. With all the kidney warnings on here I am wondering if I should take it? I mean, the Rebif is supposedly bad enough on your kidneys, now I am going to strain them even more with this stuff?
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Anthem Blue Cross

Anybody have Anthem PPO who is taking Ampyra? How much is it costing you?

Id like to give it a try but I can't get an answer of how much it will cost. I was told my co-pay is 50% of the allowed rate but they won't tell me the allowed rate!
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Hi, to the forum:

Has anyone been thinking of taking both AMPYRA( 4-AP) and LDN?
Does anyone know if there are contraindications?
What a dilemma*
I would love to talk about it

Regards seeva :twisted:
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Fampyra launched in the UK to aid MS walking


Fampyra (fampridine) is indicated for use in multiple sclerosis to improve walking in patients who have a walking disability (EDSS 4-7).


Fampridine is a potassium channel blocker. It prolongs channel repolarisation which enhances action potential formation in demyelinated axons, leading to improved neurological function.... Read More - ... ageid/1310
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Ampyra Vs Compounded 4-AP?

Has anyone tried both? and therefore could give their opinion on the differences? /:)

I know for me I think I paid $65 for 100 10mg tablets of compounded 4-AP a few years ago, and I think the monthly cost of Ampyra here in Australia is somewhere in the $2000 ball park. :-O
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Hi friends is anybody living in SYDNEY and take ELAINE DELACK POKARIN. I wold be very greateful if someone can let me know how good this drug for m.s patients and the details where i can buy in SYDNEY.
seeva :roll:
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hi need help

Hi friends can anyone help me regarding LDN and AMPYRA. i am about to start the new medications compunded AMPYRA from next week.sametime i am taking LDN.. are there any one taking LDN while on the new medication AMPYRA.I would be very grateful any one let me know can i take LDN when i am taking ampyra,
seeva :roll:
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Script process

My neuro suggested I try Ampyra and started the prescription process which is a real ordeal. I have to wait for a phone call, then call the compounding pharmacy, then call the other number back plus wait for insurance approval then they mail it to me. Is it worth taking or should I forget about it?
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monthly cost of Ampyra in Australia

is any body who live in Australia and take Fampyra? i need to know about the cost
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Fampyra, any other benefits

Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any other benefits associated with Fampyra other than improved walking speed. I am not particlarly concerned with my walking speed but with my walking. I really look like a wreck when I walk and can no longer walk unassisted. I also wonder about the side effects that caused a previous poster to cease after just one dose. Being able to walk better would be great but when ...
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