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Treating MS using antibiotics - new website

Hi there,

I've created a new website to help those who are trying to treat their CCSVI and MS using antibiotics:

Through my journey of being diagnosed with MS, CCSVI and Cpn, I've relied heavily on scientific information I've accessed through the internet. Much of it has been pretty heavy to read...especially for a person with a neurological disease. Because of this, I created a website which is a companion to the excellent patient forum ...
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Simple strategy: Doxycycline for 2-3 weeks, then "pulsing"

I am new to this forum, but not new to the topic.
I suspected MS early in the 1990s, read everything I could find on MS causation = etiology, had the impression that it might be a severe form of late (tick) neuroborreliosis.

However, I have been "sero-negative" on repeated testing in 1991 and following years (twice negative in CFS), whatever this means. (From what I have read - a lot! - I have no ...
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Help finding dr in NC

How do I find a doctor to help me with this journey? No way my neuro will comply. I can't go meet with every GP in town so was wondering how to narrow down the likelihood of getting a "yes" from a doctor on the first or second try?
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Continue Rebif and Wheldon Protocol simultaneously?

Can I stay on Rebif while on the Wheldon protocol?
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I'm a new member and I don't speak english very well. I'm a french guy.
My best friend (like my brother!!) has a Sclerosis 10 years ago and I would like to help him.
I've read a lot of things about Dr David Wheldon and Sarah Longlands and I would like to know if some French Doctors apply Dr Wheldon protocol?
if someone speaks French , it would be easier for me...
Thanks to ...
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Here's a weird subject, lidocaine.

Weird day today, at least for me. And I'm pretty weird to start with.

Several years ago I was at the dentist (my favorite place to be) and getting a cavity fixed. As the dentist is starting to work, I stop him and tell him that I feel everything. He asks if I feel pressure and I respond 'no, that hurts.' He starts poking around and I tell him when he's using sharp pokes, when ...
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Lyme treatment center in Australia (Sydney)

I am not advocating or suggesting or recommending the following in any way, I just happened to come across the website and was a little surprised and also thought some may find it useful.
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HI FRIENDS a mother of three who spent 2 years being treated for m.s has been cured with simple course of antibiotics
please read for more information s ... -BITE.html
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1st followup since dx

Typing on a tablet,some punctuation is a pain to get to so im skipping most of it.

Ive debated off and on doing the usual background info as far as symptoms etc. but since everything is so varied... I might as well comment on how i farted purple for a month and it would seem almost normal to folks dealing with this garbage, and completely alien to those that arent. So ill skip unless someone ...
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The Trouble with Antibiotics

The PBS program Frontline recently aired a documentary on antibiotics, "The Trouble with Antibiotics." It discusses the cause of and problems associated with antibiotic resistance.

The full show is available for free. ... tibiotics/
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