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Marshall Protocol or olmesartan anyone?


well, these are actually two questions. Did anyone have luck with either Marshall Protocol or olmesartan alone? MP is quite controversial, involves lowering vit D levels, antibiotics, but it apparently helps in some cases of autoimmune diseases. Olmesartan alone has interesting antiinflammatory properties, so might be useful in MS as well without playing with vit D.

I am quite interested how this works in MS.

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Can abx help a long term MSer?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed 17+ yrs ago, never took DMD's, and took LDN for a couple of years but quit taking in 2012 (didn't feel it helped). In good shape for 1st 10 yrs but currently lots of numbness in my body (toes to chest), balance and bladder issues, and use a walker for last 4+ yrs. MRI 2 yrs ago showed lots of lesions in brain and spine and atrophy in my spine. ...
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Protozoal Infection

Absolutely fascinating interview with a microbiologist who has hit the nail squarely on it's head! ... tion0.aspx
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What can I take?

Hello I've just joined the site my partner Gareth used to work with David at Bedford hospital.
I have RRMS which is flaring up 7 weeks after our baby was born, I can't get my neurology appointment brought forward, my MS nurse hasn't returned my call and my gp has only given me co-codamol and amitriptyline. I woke this morning to ridiculously heavy legs and my grip is minimal which is not ideal at the ...
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does a dmd work if you have cpn?

Hi everybody,

I posted this in the gernal discussion area and was told maybe some folks would be more likely to read my question here.

I have been reading with great interest about the folks using the abx protocol and I cannot find the answer to my question here or on the CPN site. I know that many people have been on both abx and another therapy jointly. My question is, was there ever a ...
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Abx with meals or on empty stomach?

Timing of the abx is a question i have, should you take all 3 abx with food or on an empty stomach?
how important is this?
When are the vast range of supplements meant to be taken? At the same time as the abx?
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Bacteria in the Gut

Not sure what the authors implications are towards anti-biotic use but nonetheless interesting... ... nd-ms.html
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The People's Pharmacy recently interviewed Dr. Breitschwerdt and Dr. Mozayeni discussing their research on Bartonella in rheumatoid arthritis patients. ... y-disease/

Combined interview.

Extended interview with Dr. Breitschwerdt. ... tended.mp3

Extended interview with Dr. Mozayeni

Here is a link to their full research paper.
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Dr. recommendation

Can anybody recommend a doctor in the Midwest, St. Louis MO, area, who would prescribe antibiotics for the Weldon protocol.
Please PM me.
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6 Months In

My naturopath has chosen to adopt a slower approach to the Wheldon protocol. I just concluded my first flagyl pulse which was only for one day. The intention is to add one day every month until I reach 5 days at the end of Sept. The only symptoms over and above the norm prior to starting is more burning in both feet. There also bluer than they were before. Dizziness and major fatigue. My question ...
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