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Wheldon protocol and getting Antibiotics in the UK


I'd dearly like to try the Wheldon protocol but wondered what sort of specialist would be best to approach regards getting the required Antibiotics. I live in the UK so imagine that getting a prescription for what is needed might be a little challenging. My GP isn't very helpful so I wonder if I need to find a licensed Naturopath perhaps. So I'd appreciate any advice anyone has please.

This type of therapy has ...
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C. pneumoniae among common pathogens that "may dull mind."

I read this article a few mornings ago. Warning: it is only an abstract.

Among the pathogens contributing to this burden: Helicobacter pylori, herpes simplex 1 & 2, cytomegalovirus and Chlamydia pneumoniae were linked with statistically significant affect in executive function and language skills (i.e., memory, attention, decision making, communication, etc.)

Apropos of nothing: I remember reading about history of eradication of H. pylori being associated with Alzheimer's disease-drug usage later on in life by ...
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Re Queensland Researchers Make Major Breakthough with Promis

HI FRIENDS The Qeensland reach suggests that controlling EBV Virus infection the most common cause of glandular fever- may be beneficial in treating M.S
read more about the attached
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I started this and within a week started having relapse symptoms, which gradually cleared when discontinued. I took a strong priobiotic, and the same thing happened. I started relapsing and then it cleared when I stopped. What do you guys do when the protocol makes you feel worse. I don't want to risk new damage since I don't appear to recover from mine.
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Looking for a Lyme and co infections TIMS expert...

Hi all,

I had a Lymecheck test carried out by the only Iliads Lyme literate doctor here in Spain. I'd like to get feedback on my results from people here who are familiar with Lyme and co infections.

Any about...?
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I have just added Azithromycin to my regimen after 2 weeks of Doxycycline 200 mgs dailey.
I am somewhat confused about tthe pulsing part. Would someone mind explaining it to me
in the simplest of terms?
Thank You,
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Want to start Dr Wheldon's protocol

Hi all, I have just become a member of the forum after constant reading for the past week :) A brief history, I am going to be 32 on Wed, I was diagnosed with MS when I was 24. I had been doing quite well at first with Avonex but then started having relapses after 5 years and decided not to carry on taking it (even though ...
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9 Months In

Just completed 4 day flagyli pulse which means I'll be up to full 5 days at the end of Sept. My biggest symptom so far has been fatigue which usually lessens as I get further into the pulse. It's almost as if in the next 25 or so days the body forgets about flagyl and then boom when its introduced again major fatigue sets in...I'm about 6 months into a gluten and dairy free diet. ...
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Marshall Protocol or olmesartan anyone?


well, these are actually two questions. Did anyone have luck with either Marshall Protocol or olmesartan alone? MP is quite controversial, involves lowering vit D levels, antibiotics, but it apparently helps in some cases of autoimmune diseases. Olmesartan alone has interesting antiinflammatory properties, so might be useful in MS as well without playing with vit D.

I am quite interested how this works in MS.

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Can abx help a long term MSer?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed 17+ yrs ago, never took DMD's, and took LDN for a couple of years but quit taking in 2012 (didn't feel it helped). In good shape for 1st 10 yrs but currently lots of numbness in my body (toes to chest), balance and bladder issues, and use a walker for last 4+ yrs. MRI 2 yrs ago showed lots of lesions in brain and spine and atrophy in my spine. ...
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