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Has anyone improved their walking from the Wheldon protocol?

Reading the CPn website there are only a few MS patient stories following the Wheldon protocol, and few that comment on mobility improvements, balance and/or legs strength.

So i wanted to know if anyone following the Wheldon antibiotic protocol has seen improvements in their walking/balance since starting the protocol? if so, how long did it take from starting the protocol was it till you saw mobility function improvements?
which abx did/do you/they take?
have they ...
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After being advised to commence 200mg of doxyi I intend to introduce Flagyli at the end of the month for one day 2x500mg. It isn't available in an other dosage other than 250mg or 500mg. At the end of June the intention is to increase the one day to two days and increasing every month after that till I'm taking it for 5 days each month. I'm laying it out because there seems to be ...
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4 Months In

Couldn't find a MD locally interested in persuing this protocol but was lucky enough to find a naturopath. Got my results back from igene-x labs testing positive for cpn. Went on Doxy 100mg each day for the first month and in the second month the Doxy and Azithromycin 250 mg Mon, Wed, and Fri. In the third month I returned to Doxy 100mg each day only and at the 4 month added the Azithromycin the ...
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Stiff legs Minocycline?

Has anyone experienced stiff (stiffer than usual) legs when starting minocycline? Thanks for your advise.
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Started David Wheldon Treatment today!!

I just started the Dr David Wheldon course of treatment!!!

27th March 2013

I was diagnosed with MS in 1991.

I am lucky, it has been a slow decline and the most obvious physical effect is that my right leg does not work very well.

I cannot run and after one kilometre my leg gives up. There is always a pronounced limp which gets worse as I go on until the leg gives out completely. ...
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C. pneumoniae in post-mortem brain tissue, not in controls

Could past Chlamydial vascular infection promote the dissemination of Chlamydia pneumoniae to the brain?
Chlamydia pneumoniae, a pathogen responsible for respiratory tract infections, has been associated with atherosclerosis which, along with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and/or cerebrovascular ischemia and stroke, is a risk factor for chronic neurological disorders. Several studies have demonstrated the ability of C. pneumoniae to disseminate from lungs to arteries through peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Once inside the vascular tissue, C. pneumoniae infection may ...
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Insights to Bacterial MS and other de-generative diseases

The Australians are leading the way again;

For those of us with MS this video will start to connect the dots or fit the missing pieces of the infamous Puzzle.
Excellent presentation, hope it goes 'viral' real quick
Thank you to ...

*Edited, the site is having difficulties again with its method of shortening url's ...

nausea and vomiting from antibiotic regimen?


i have given the idea of treating my MS with antibiotics a great deal of thought. i was just put on antibiotics for a wicked sinus infection (swollen face and gums, pain throughout midface, a for-me fever, pain chewing and opening mouth, etc) and after one dose i am nauseous to the point where i am scared what the second dose may bring...up. which got me thinking about long term antibiotic usage. is nausea ...
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The Dangers of Long-term Antibiotic Use

I finished antibioticsi in 2007, after taking them for four years. Last weekend I started taking roxithromycin again, a short course for an infected forefinger which had become so swollen that it was interfering with my work. Funnily enough, the treatment worked and my right forefinger is now as slim as my left and the wound caused by a splinter has healed. and is busy fitting up my new state of the art printer. You ...
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Does CAP work for the reason you think it does?

I hate to poo-poo any of our strategies to beat MS but having been on CAP and felt improvements along with a lot of suffering and some new neurological symptoms, I feel it only right I share this with CAP'ers and those looking into CAP.

HPA axis dysregulation and resulting excess cortisol and aldosterone are known to be a part of MS. Doxycycline and minocycline suppress cortisol and aldosterone release. I think the reason CAP ...
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