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A forum for the discussion of antibiotics as a potential therapy for MS

Inspiring Images

The glass and clay work you can see below was done by Ella, currently being treated by David Wheldon, and her mother, Michèle.

Click on the picture.

I have made no reference to MSi because someone of only 26 doesn't want to be known by her illness but by her person. If anyone would like to send Michele a message on CPn Help to pass on to Ella, who is feeling rather depressed in a ...
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Better/Easier flagyl taste

Flagyl tastes better... No, really, it's true! I have found a way to take flagyl and not taste it and it will probably make you happier every time you do! I take the flagyl tablet out, coat it with jam or jelly and toss it in my mouth, quickly followed by a water chaser. You'll NEVER taste a thing, except maybe a fleeting taste of the jam. DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS before washing them ...
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Antibiotics or something else?

OK, I started the ABX Feb 15 - doxy 200mg once a day for now (See neuro this week and hopefully will add the azithro without too much work.)

I also upped my LDN dose from 3mg to 4.5mg on Feb 22.
When I first started LDN in Dec 2005, I had sleeplessness and very vivid dreams which dissipated after a week or two. No troubles since then at all. Since upping the dose, I ...
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Allergy to Pennicillin and .....

I am very interested in this abx approach to MS, but I need some questions answered.

First I have an anaphylactic reaction to pennicillin, so I cannot take it ever again. So how can I take this treatment, are there drugs that will work that are not akin to pennicillin???

And every time I take vitamins they put right to sleep, almost every vitamin I have ever taken has done this to me. It must ...
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Vitamin D supplementation and antibiotics

Vitamin D Supplementation in Multiple Sclerosis
An essential supplement for anyone using an antibiotic regime.

Brief introduction

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone; it has long been known to be concerned in the regulation of body levels of calcium and phosphorus, and in the mineralization of bone. In recent years it has become clear that Vitamin D receptors are present in numerous cell types. Evidently it has wide-ranging effects in a number of systems. ...
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Doses of Antobotics

I plan to take this to my GP as soon as I can get in to see her. I have had MS for 10 years and have not had any success with treatments accept symptom relief with LDN. I am from the states. I will need scripts for:
doxycycline 200mg once daily
roxithromycin 300mg once daily (azithromycin 250mg three days a week is an alternative.)
Short courses of metronidazole will later be added to this ...
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Book review......

Russell Farris and Per Marin MD PhD book review by David Wheldon MB FRCPath


This book explains how common, non-resolving intracellular infections can, over long periods of time, subvert the body's defences by causing chronic elevation of cortisol while provoking chronic activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines; this has serious repercussions, including type II diabetes, atheroma and heart disease. Much of what we put down to ageing is caused by chronic infection.

When I started as ...
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Sarah, your husband's neck swelling.

I was looking at the Cpn site and was reading your husband's story. The change in his looks is amazing. I would have asked this over there, but am not familiar with blogs yet. The pictures really caught my attention, because it looks like my son's neck. Is swollen glands a part of what your husband was experiencing?

My son has had numerous gland's that would literally swell up huge over night. He was treated ...
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