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I am SOOOO exceited to find all of you!!!!!

My mom has a diagnosis of MS for about 5 or 6 years now. She has been sick for at least 30 years with what was FM. My whole family is sick. I have been sick for 25 years with FM and recently diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme. My daughter has also been diagnosed with a very clear Lyme that was likely passed from me to her. My son is also sick but not ...
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avonex and antibiotics

I haven't had my beta interferon 1a (avonex) for nearly a month now and my partner who administers this weekly injection is getting rather agitated about this. He wants me to go back on it unless I can get some professional medical advice about trying the antibiotics alone. I'm quite keen to remain off the beta interferon for at least 6 months but don't think I have a very good medical case other than experimentation. ...
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Immunosenescence:ported answer

I ported my response to Shayk on the general forum under the topic
"Immunosenescence..." here because I am so being a CPn apologist and did not wan to be hijacking the general thread. PLEASE READ THE EARLIER POSTS THERE FIRST..marie

You are thinking long about this subject. this is what's fun about this board where we can talk and think all we want about this most important subject. We have to base treatment decisions ...
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Newbie Question about Abx

Am interested in the Wheldon protocol as it turns out I found out I had demyelination while complaining about chronic sinusitus and dizziness.

My question is I have to go off Rebif while I follow it ? :?:
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If no disability... Should AB's be considered?

I have no symptoms right now (posted my regimen on the regimen board)... aside from occasional mild feelings on the tops of my feet and sometimes shins.
I have never had any numbness, weakness, muscle tremors, no disability. I realize I am very lucky and hope this doesn't offend anyone.

How do you test for cpn? Is there a definitive test? Does it always start with a chest cold?

Is Antibiotic treatment indicated for someone ...
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Please read this very carefully.

Please read this very carefully. (Copied from CPn Help)

I mentioned in my first blog at CPn Help
that there was much I didn't remember about the early days of my treatment. I have never been a terribly good record keeper, but I did start out keeping a journal. For a few days I even added to this daily, but soon I could go for a couple of weeks without adding anything. This period rapidly ...
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Skeptical but not a skeptic

Hello all,
This is my first post here, although I admit to lurking about for some time. The forum is outstanding and I have gained so much valuable information from everyone. Thank You!!

My husband was diagnosed in May, 2004--Since that time he has been on Avonex (Tysabri, briefly) and doing quite well. Well enough to finally have returned to his job as an airline pilot. He is also on a myriad of supplements-fish oil, ...
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Isoniazid/Rifampicin/Amoxicillin/ Doxicycline/ Roxithromycin

Hi all,

I think I have stabilized and am beginning to see teeny weeny walking improvements amongst others on the Doxicyline/Roxithromycin/Nacetyl cysteine/Quercetin/pulsed Flagyl protocol. However as I think I may have levelled off I persuaded my doctor to prescribe Rifampicin, Amoxicillin and INH (Isoniazid). I am still in a bit of a muddle as to whether or not to take ALL the antibiotics at the same time. Could someone clarify? I'm also a little bit ...
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found a fountain of info!

I am new to this site. Due to present MS symptoms, I am working a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. Under normal circumstances= MA- Psych assessor and profiler.
MS. 5 mos. on Minocycline OD. Started on 100 mg BID X 1 week. I discontinued but my wonderful doc agreed with persistance and the dose was cut to 10 mg OD and we have been building. Up to 90 mg OD. Takes about ...
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Continued Progresson on protocol

My husband has been on the protocol about 6 weeks, and his progression seems to have increased. His walking seems so tenuous, and his balance has deteriated more. He is falling more.

He quite the Copanxone that he felt was not doing much when he started the protocol. He finished his first flagg pulse last week.

We are trying to stay positive, but we are fearing this progression will continue. Did anyone have this difficulty ...
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