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So Near yet So Far

Over the years, time and time again infection has been put forward as being the cause of multiple sclerosis. In 1894 Pierre Marie, a former student of Jean Martin Charcot, the father of neurology, argued strongly that infection was the cause of multiple sclerosis. He did not know the specific infective agent but was certain that a treatment would soon be available in the form of a "vaccine of Pasteur or lymph of Koch." ...
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Flagyl dosage


I was wondering if anyone knew how flagyl builds up in the body over each day. For example, how long (how many days) does it take for the flagyl to reach its peak levels in our blood?
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Tovaxin, oh and abx...

Just a thought which keeps bugging me.

Tovaxin (the MS "vaccine") appears really positive. And from my understanding, its based around killing the immune cells that attack myelin. The doctors breed these from the sufferers own blood.

The thought is, it would be interesting to see if these same T-cells would attack, oh, i dont know, say CPn.
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Did any of you have Lyme testing?

Before we found your board and the MS-bacteria connection, my husband was in the process of being tested for Lyme again. Last year both the Elsa and Western Blot were negative/indeterminate.

Igenex the lab we used has a broader view point than CDC. We received the last results this week, the IgM was negative by CDC and indeterminate by Igenex, his IgG was positive by both criterias.

IgM indicates a current infection and IgG indicates ...
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Treatment end point?

This is more i guess out of interest, as it is getting a bit ahead of myself. I have failed to actually read anything explicit on it from the various protocols.

If CPn infection has a high chance of false negatives, how are you planning on deciding what the end point is for your treatment is? or do you see this as a treatment for the rest of your life?
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last relapse?

I was wondering, how long into this treatment are people experiencing that they are no longer having relapses of MS?

I understand it would be pretty hard with the reactions some are getting to flagyl.

I have been pretty lucky as my major cause/trigger of relapses are a cold/flu, of which I havnt had since march.

I am wondering how long (how many flagyl pulses etc) you have been on abx treatment before a trigger ...
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Comparing various CPn regimens

For anyone who hasn't seen this page, set up by the hardwoking Jim, have a look. It should solve many of the queries I have been receiving.


Comparing the Antibiotic Regimens
As people get into more of the information about the combination antibiotic (abx) protocols on this site, confusion can arise about what medications are used with which protocol, and even which version. In the interests of clarity, I will try to summarize and ...
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More new info. on David Wheldon's site................

..................on this page:

Peripheral Nerve Inflammation and Central Pain
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

A number of people with chronic infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae, whether or not they have MS, can get what can be described as a deep, grinding bone pain; it has a crushing quality. It does not correspond to any recognised area supplied by a sensory nerve, and it can travel along a limb, one moment being in the shoulder and the next ...
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Just learned about the antibotic & MS connection

My husband has a progressive form of MS they say. His symtoms came on quickly and he his have extreme problems now, and they believe it to be primary progressive.

I read the information about chlamydia pneumoniae from David Wheldon. I found several other articles posted in the Library of Medicine publication reviewing the bacterial connection.

We had thought my husband may have Lyme but maybe it this bacteria. We are visiting my husband local ...
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