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Supposed dangers of long term abx treatment

Thinking that I had been a bit remiss over the last few weeks, I did a bit of catching up this morning, while waiting for some paint to dry, and I found this on the front page:
Recent interest in antibiotics as a potential treatment for MS have brought this class of therapeutics into our sphere of interest. A new study shows that acne sufferers, a group that often uses long-term antibiotics of the ...
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Please complete our survey for Cpn protocol users

We've put up a survey to gather data for users of combination antibiotic protocols (e.g. Stratton/Vanderbilt, Wheldon) to treat Chlamydia pneumoniae. We are hoping to gather some useful data for patients and doctors using these protocols.

This community probably has the widest range, in terms of time, of users and would contribute greatly to this data. All results will be held as confidential.

Take a look at:

This ...
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Advice please

Quick Intro.

I've had many symptoms of MS for a few years and my diagnosis has gone backwards and forwards.My family and I noticed a few years ago that I seemed to be better after taking certain antibiotics so i started researching antibiotics on the CNS in 2001.

Over the past couple of years my stiffness and spasms have increased,I now walk with crutches and use a wheelchair for longer distances.

My Neurologist discharged me ...
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Perhaps it is time to step up

On previous posts, I mentioned that I am taking Minocycline. I started with a regiment of 100mg twice daily but cut back the dose and now only take 100mg once a day due to breathing problems while lying down at night. This past week, I decided to go back taking the antibiotic twice a day. Once again, the previous night I experienced a 10 minute time of breathing difficulty. Could this be a good sign ...
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Feel like hit with a bat

Hi all,

I started the minocycline 5 days ago. (100mg the first day and then 50mg from then on). By day 3 I felt like my body had been hit with a baseball bat, especially between the shoulder blades. I am also very tired, but the good news is that my son is in school all day now so I can rest when needed.

I just don't get it 3 days into it and I ...
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CPn new features: slideshow on Cpn, Expert interview

www.CPn is chock full of informationa research papers. Included just today is a slide show by Charles Stratton which explains the life cycle and treatment, a detailed interview with an expert treating Cpn, a new pati9ent story in that section, and growing reader comments and forums.
Post your comments and feedback.
Wheldon Protocol since October 2004.
(link corrected 9/13 @10:10pm)
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Actrims / Ectrims

The Actrims / Ectrims conference takes place at the end of the month. One of the topics being discussed is 'MS and infections' and one of the presentations is on CPn. Not sure if it will be possible to get hold of the presentation but Dr Wheldon might know the presenter or might seek to contact him after the conference.


<shortened url>
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Got mino but too scared to start

HI all,

I have my minocycline prescription. (50mg) but I am too scared to start. Anytime I try anything I get such a herx that I am praying to die. I am on 1.0 mg Low Dose Naltrexone which has held me steady for the last year. I started something called Ultra H 3 by Unikey and I am really in a herx. I had to stop for a while.

I hear soo many different ...
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New website on Chlamydia Pneumonia (Cpn) treatment/research

Hi all-
Wanted to let you know that we have a new, noncommercial website up on Chlamydia Pneumonia (Cpn) treatment and research:


I wanted to have a central place for information that crossed diffferent disease diagnoses so we can compare, contrast, and get patient reports as well as all levels of information from casual to technical. David Wheldon, Charles Stratton, Sarah Wheldon and others have lent their support, ...
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Bugs in AD even CPN

This article on the Boston Cure points to bacteria in the brains of alzheimers patients...including CPn. ... 29/1140239

It is interesting to note the article discusses some ways bugs adapt and are insidious as well as the trend in science to ignore their presence.It is pertinent to our discussion here in that is also the trend in MS.

quote: Balin: There is a presumption that the presence of ...
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