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Relapses and pseudo relapses whilst on antibiotics

This is a new page on Dr. David Wheldon's site, discussing relapses and pseudo relapses in antibiotic treatment, following on from this section:

Can relapses occur after starting antibiotics?

In relapsing-remitting MS the major cause of relapse, a new respiratory infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae, will be prevented by the antibiotics. However, for the first six months or so it is possible for a relapse to occur secondary to a virus infection. This may be ...
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How many get "Herx"?


I just started antibiotics today.

This treatment sounds VERY promising, especially considering its the only one that may actually possibly cure ms (with a scientific base...)

One of the things which i was sort of ALMOST hoping for, was a MILD "Herxheimer-type" reaction. The reason: it would prove that something was not right, and the abx were doing something.

I asked my dr if a "normal" person would get this reaction from abx, and ...
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New from Lisbon


I’m new in this forum and I have been reading your post with interest. I would like to introduce myself. I’m 45 years old women, live in Lisbon and I have MS since 1989. Since 2000, I think MS became progressive.
My brain it’s not been affected (until now) and my big problem is my legs, I need canes to walk and I get tired very soon. I’m always trying to find something new ...
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Antibiotic trial NCT00043264

NCT00043264 is a phase II clinical trial looking at antibiotic treatment of MS. Double-blind, placebo controlled, all that good stuff. It should have been finished something like 9 months ago. Does anyone know if the results were released? I haven't heard anything. It would be nice to get some scientific data about treating MS with antibiotics. The results could either jumpstart more people receiving such treatment or serve as a warning flag for those considering ...
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Second anniversary since starting treatment

Copied from the Regimens section, because I don't want the bit about pseudo relapses versus real relapses to go unmissed.

Either Monday or yesterday was exactly two years since starting the antibiotic treatment. These last two years have been very strange ones, to say the least. Not being someone generally inclined to post on forums or either look at them come to that, six months into the treatment, with an amazingly improved MRI scan (for ...
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Personal Data collection

This is a call to all abx users to begin to collect data. This will give more objective feedback as to how people are doing on the regimen and will provide the incentive to fund more trials.

I have kept personal data on my own ability to perform activity at the gym on the crossrobics or the elipse for several years. I did this because I read that ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) could help stroke victims ...
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Minocycline - stomach

My 20 year old daughter just started the Minocycline a month ago but is now complaining of severe heartburn, upset stomach, etc. Does anyone on the Minocycline have this problem & what have you used to help. Over the counter antacids don't work. Taking the Minocycline 100 mg x2 a day, she is also taking aspirin x2 a day (was on provigil but was told to try the aspirin for fatigue), she is still doing ...
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Not sure if it has been posted as of yet

Do Bacteria or Viruses Cause MS?

by John C. Martin
Article Date: 07-08-05

The origins of multiple sclerosis apparently lie in an abnormal assault by the body's immune system against certain parts of the central nervous system, which include the brain and spinal cord.1

Similar Proteins Targeted?
Though it hasn't been clear as to the cause of this immune system miscue, a new study from Switzerland suggests that a certain bacterium or virus may be ...
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Are any neurologists taking notice?

Dear all,

One of the most visited areas of this site is on anti-biotics. Sarah (Anecdote) by following her husband's regime has reported impressive improvements. Others are reporting some beneficial changes and some are perhaps too early in their abx regime to report anything.

The question that must be asked is are neurologists taking note and, if not, why not? Sarah has reported improvements in both MRI and clinical measures (EDSS scale). Given that this ...
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WHere is the best info

HI! It's me Marie. I have another question. I have been reading this forum until I'm bleary -eyed the last few days and have a tablet full of notes to compile into something coherent that I can present to the doc who treats MS with minocycline. What fabulous information from everyone who generously donates their time. Thanks!

I find I am confused as to the life cycle of the CPn and the cryptic form etc. ...
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