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The promise of minocycline in neurology

In the latest Lancet Neuro:
<shortened url>

I actually bought the article out of curiosity, and I don't know if I should copy/paste the whole thing here. If it's kosher/legal, I will post it.

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The state of an infectious cause of MS

What is the state of an infectious cause of (at least some types of) MS? And by that I mean from the research world.

Why do I ask? The Antegren approval!

My wife is RRMS. Been on avonex, and it's not working. Also, the side effects have never diminished and are intollerable (and belive me she is one tough b*tch so it's not like she can handle it). The last neuro trip was coincidentally last ...
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David Perlmutter's "Letter to Doctors and Patients"

From David Perlmutter's "letter for Doctors and Patients" from Nov. 2003, but still very relevant.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a fairly common and generally progressive disease of the central nervous system with a prevalence in the United States of approximately 350,000 cases annually. Although the onset of MS typically occurs between the ages of 10-59 years, onset as early as 2 years of age has been described. Annual expenditures for the treatment of this disease ...
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So let's say you are in the antibiotic camp - for infection, not neuro protection. How would one explain that many women with MS feel great during pregnancy? If there is a chronic infection, what happens during pregnancy?

Any guesses? This will come up with my neuro - I know it will, and I haven't thought of or read of a good response.

Thanks - feesher
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Someone treating MS as an infection.

For anyone in the US who is of a mind to try treating their MS an an infection, a Stanford trained rheumatologist called Dr. M. Powell, known by Stratton and Sriram from Vanderbilt and using their regime, but based in Sacramento, is willing to treat you, if you can make the trip to Sacramento and are willing to sign an informed consent form. He needs to see you at first, for obvious reasons, but thereafter ...
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In researching pathogens and MS I stumbled upon some research done by a Dr. Luther Lindner from Texas A&M university. It was pretty old so I decided to email him to see if he was still working on it. The following is his reply followed by a link to his patent.

I am indeed working on some bacteria that may play a role in MS. I want
to strongly caution you, however, that at this ...
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Effects of Minocycline

a brief history:

When first diagnosed, my treatment option that I selected was an Interferon. I had to stop taking it due to severe side effects. On what I have read, most people's flu like side symptoms dissipated after three months on the drug. But for me it never got better.

I wanted to be on some sort of treatment beside my daily regiment of supplements, so I decided to try Minocycline.

In the beginning, ...
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An Empirical Course Of Treatment

I am going to be following the regime for the treatment of adults with chronic persistent Chlamydia pneumoniae infection.

Doxycycline 200mg once a day
Roxithromycin 150 mg twice a day
After three months five day pulses of Metronidazole 400mg three times a day

Vitamins and Supplements have a big part to play in that they will help to repair some of the damage caused by MS

Vitamin C 1 Gram daily (antioxidant)
Vitamin B complex ...
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Antibiotics as a treatment in the UK.

To anyone thinking about trying the antibiotic treatment who lives in the UK.

It would probably be worth contacting your GP in the first instance, giving him/her David Wheldon's papers to peruse, unless you felt you have a very forward thinking neurologist, of course! If that fails, Dr. David Wheldon is a consultant microbiologist and does not charge for a private consultation, since his primary concern is to get people better. He can sometimes manage ...
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Calling anyone using antibiotics as a treatment for MS

Will anyone currently trying antibiotics, whether minocycline being used as an immunomodulator, or the full-blown treatment, please post updates in the regimens section? whether good, bad or no change. It would appear at the moment that it is only Byron's girlfriend and myself trying the complete treatment, Wilson on minocycline and Karrie who decided it wasn't for her. I know there are more, but it would seem we are the only ones.


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