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Chlamydia pneumoniae- Natural antibiotic= Mentha Arvensis?

I just came accross this research article published Nov. 2011:

It says that Mentha Arvensis (Menthol) significantly reduced Chlamydia pneumoniae bacterial load in mice. I guess this would be a natural alternative to synthetic antibiotics, no? (except that it would have no negative side effect, of course)
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New here with questions - Abx

Hi - I am very glad to have found this forum.
I don't have MS, but it appears I have Cpn.
I have been very sick for years.
I have tested positive for Lyme (culture test), Bartonella, MycoPn and Cpn. I also have HypoG/CVID for which I do IVIG infusions of Gammaglobulin.

My Cpn test was done a week after an infusion so I hope the donated antibodies did not skew the results. I rather ...
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How to handle side effects of abx?

I read several posts here with regard to reactions to and side effects of abx. I think if someone is on the Vanderbilt or Wheldon protocol for a long time, the most important thing would be to gather info on handling the side effects of or reactions to the abx from those doctors ( Sriram, Stratton, Wheldon, etc.) who apply this treatment protocol.

As none of our doctors have experience with this protocol (they just ...
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CPn test

could someone please tell me how can one get tested for CPn in Slovenia? I am also interested in antibiotics treatment if possible in Slovenia. Does anyone have any experiences with doctors in my country being pro antibiotic treatment for MS?
Thank you for answers.
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How to get continuous supply of Roxithromycin in Australia

This post is on behalf of my friend Penny in Western Australia who was diagnosed with 2pms 8 yrs ago & is trying to stay on Dr Wheldon’s antibiotic program.

Her GP - who is very willing and can continue to supply Doxycycline - is being prevented from supplying more than one script of Roxithromycin which leaves Penny unable to continue the program.

Her Neurologist has been totally unhelpful.

Has anyone else in Australia had ...
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calling all Dr Wheldon's antibiotics-protocol followers

Following Arron topic idea I would like to know the same for those patients who have followed or are currently following Dr Wheldon's protocol (Doxycycline, Azithromycin (or Roxithromycin) and Metronidazole on

How long have you been following the protocol?
Are you better, same, or worse than when you started?
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My Antibiotic threatment, any advice ?

Hello everybody,

So I am Nicolas, I have MS for 3 years (but first symptom 20 years ago) even if doctors are not really sure about the diagnostic (but I have a lot of MS symptoms). I have Copaxone for 2 years.

2 weeks ago, I discovered I was positive to lgG Clamydia Pneumoniae, mycroplasma Pneumoniae and probably Lyme. My doctor proposes me a 3 months treatment, please tell me what do you think about ...
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where is Rica???

Anybody has heard from her???? thanks everyone!
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Help getting started with an antibiotic protocol


I am a 28 year old male. I have had MS the last three years. My neurologist and I are inclined to think it is PPMS due to continued progression. My symptoms are horrible brain fog (cognitive decline), weakness in limbs(especially arms), spasticity, difficulty using my right hand. I would like to start an antibiotic protocol. As you can imagine, I am excited but also confused due to all the literature. I have a ...
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Adventures in Antibiotics

Well, hello, abx gang! :smile: I've followed this forum sporadically since I've been at TiMS, intrigued by any alternative MS treatments that show promise – glad to know some have gotten benefits from it. With my history of med & supplement reactions, though (including a disturbing vertigo episode during a 10-day Ampicillin treatment years ago that left me crawling through my house for a week), and my ...
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