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Possible MS & minocycline treatment

Hello everyone,
Im several months in the "grey" zone, i dont have definitive diagnosis but I have a lot of MS symptoms for almost 1 year - fingers numbness, tingling in arms and legs, muscle weakness, tinnitus, nystagmus... I had MRI in October 2011, there was only 1 very small lesion (up to 3mm) in atypical area for MS (my neurologist said), lumbar puncture, VEPs, EMG, EEG were clear. My lyme literate immunologist thought I ...
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Antibiotics for ccsvi in Australia

Copied from General Interest, where I put it first:

Here is a paper just published in Phlebology and Phlebology-Online by the Australian Phlebologist, Paul Thibault, who started off treating ccsvi for people with MS but then realised that There was more to MS since most people relapsed very quickly: He now treats MS people who are shown to have ccsvi with antibiotics from Charles Stratton from Vanderbilt University's Combined Antibiotic Protocol and is having ...
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how does ibprophen or tylenol react to ms?

Does any one know how ibprophen or tylenol reacts to ms?
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Starting ABX for PPMS

Hello everyone,
I have PPMS and live in NYC. My neuro and internist are supportive of me starting ABX treatment, but I can not find anyone who has prescribed the protocol before and who is comfortable with the stages and/or side effects.
First question- have you heard of a dr that treats in Manhattan or NYC?
I did get my CPN load checked by a blood test and Dr. Stratton said it was 'high', but ...
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Just to let you know


It is so very important that anyone prescribed antibiotics, takes the supplement acidophilus( pro biotic), to replace the good bacteria in the stomach, pro biotic drinks are not good enough, if not the bad bacteria can cause you problems


In one study, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers examined 788 patient previously diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is usually contracted by getting a tick bite. Out of all ...
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Interrupted's ABX Diary

Hi there, welcome to my new shiny blog/diary. I'm 31, have had MS and CFS for 12 years (lucky me!) and I don't believe either are illnesses in their own right, but i'm sure i'll babble on about that later! I've had CCSVi surgery, it made things as lot worse and i've done a gazillion other things but for the last year i've been itching to give ABX a go because it focuses along lines ...
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Benefits from Abx treatment???

Hello to all who are treating themselfs with Abx's.

Can You comment if there are any benefits after you've started taking Abx's for MS treatment.

I've read a lot about Cpn and MS. I too had the NAC test and so far it looks like that i have CPN.

Please comment!!!
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Minocycline pain

I started taking minocycline two months ago (100mg / day) and I've been having a fair amount of joint and muscle pain. I'm assuming this is the "transient lupus syndrome" I've read about. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this and, if yes, your advice on whether I should (1) Stop taking the drug (2) Just ride it out (3) Switch to doxycycline. I'm not on any other therapy: I've opted for for ...
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How can I get Minocycline in the UK?


I'm interested in trying Minocycline antibiotic as a therapy and have approached by GP and neurologist who both say they don't recommend it as it's still unproven.

Have other people had this problem and if so, how did you manage to get around it?


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CPn and MS

Hey all!

Very very excited here. I've been tested for CPn (chlamydophila pneumoniae) and I only have 3 days wait on the results! My NAC has arrived from USA ($6.95 for 60 caps) and I am so excited.

I have been doing a lot of research on CPn and it's implication in MANY neurological disease - I cannot believe the astonishing evidence! To think that nobody ever bothered to test for it!

I think we ...
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