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Minocycline pain

I started taking minocycline two months ago (100mg / day) and I've been having a fair amount of joint and muscle pain. I'm assuming this is the "transient lupus syndrome" I've read about. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this and, if yes, your advice on whether I should (1) Stop taking the drug (2) Just ride it out (3) Switch to doxycycline. I'm not on any other therapy: I've opted for for ...
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How can I get Minocycline in the UK?


I'm interested in trying Minocycline antibiotic as a therapy and have approached by GP and neurologist who both say they don't recommend it as it's still unproven.

Have other people had this problem and if so, how did you manage to get around it?


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CPn and MS

Hey all!

Very very excited here. I've been tested for CPn (chlamydophila pneumoniae) and I only have 3 days wait on the results! My NAC has arrived from USA ($6.95 for 60 caps) and I am so excited.

I have been doing a lot of research on CPn and it's implication in MANY neurological disease - I cannot believe the astonishing evidence! To think that nobody ever bothered to test for it!

I think we ...
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Minocycline treatment? New results?

I think it's about 5 yrs ago that there where some succesful studies with "only" Mino...
but what has happened in the meantime?

What about Serono and the
tetrazycline-like drugs..are there any new results? (
I just noticed that there is a trial with Mino + Rebif.
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2 months of antibiotics

Dear friends,
I had an attack of weakness in both legs with some bladder issues about three years ago. Diagnosed as transverse myelitis by a single lesion showing up in dorsal spine. Since then very slowly i have progressed downhill. Repeated mri show same lesion becoming long over 8 segments and with steroids shrinking back. However the weakness in legs kept increasing. Two months ago i started doxy+azi and pulse of metro. first cycle went ...
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How does one go about finding a doc who knows about ABX &

I'm near Chicago and would love to find a doc that is well versed in how to treat MS with antibiotics. I'm not a fan of them but would be willing to give it a try to see if it would help.
I just wonder how MMS might not do the same thing for us as antibiotics would....
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Comprehensive Antibiotics Info + Suceptibility Database

Not as comprehensive as it might be. Where are doxycycline, minocycline and roxithromycin in the treatment of Chlamydia pneumonia? If multiple sclerosis is put in train in susceptible people by a C pn infection which gets into the brain, abx which also get into the brain are needed.

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RE akamin50mg for CPn bacteria treatment

HI members my name is seeva can any one help me regarding antibiotic treatment for CPn bacteria. when i asked my DR. regarding the right antibiotic for cpn bacteria he gave me AKAMIN50mg/2t/day, but i asked for
DOXYCYLINE 100mg antibitic. but my dr told me akaqmin50mg is better than
DOXYN. please any one knows or used this antibiotic. please let me know
seeva :roll:
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Old questions


I have MS and CFS and have always believe that viruses and bacteria are the root cause of a lot of my problems (not all, CCSVI could be the other unknown factor), but pleas to every medic i've ever seen for anti-viral drugs have been met with blunt refusal.
I focused on viruses because of the associations with EBV etc. that go with CFS. I have been on advanced homeopathy for years for a ...
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Primary Progressive - Help

19 years with MS. Last 10 yrs. worsening. Is there anything to help?

Totally dependent.

Many thanks,
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