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Hearing a lot of negativity with Avonex?

I am a recent user of Avonex (6 Mths) and I am very pleased with the results today. I did have severe attacks of pain ( seizures ) in my right side, the second and third months of its use. My Neurologist stated it was a side effect some users get and I really got it bad. The seizures happened two or three times a week during that time.
All of a sudden there were ...
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Thinking of Quitting Avonex.. HELP.

Hello everyone. I'm 20 and I have been on Avonex since I was 14 years old. I've always had a fear of needles and when I was first diagnosed I was lucky enough to have a nurse who made me a little less scared. But now that I'm doing injections at home, I have been more weary and scared, again. My best friend comes over every week while I do my shot to try and ...
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From Rebif to Avonex

Hi everyone,
In May I had moved over to Avonex after 3 months on Rebif the year before.
Just for info - my previous post :
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I have been on Avonex since Jan and I have had the worst bloating. At first I thought I was gaining weight but its more of a bloating/puffy feeling.

Anyone feel this on Avonex?
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Temporarily stopping Avonex

Hi all,

my wife has been taking Avonex since 1999. In that time she's slowly gone from R-R to secondary. Currently the Avonex is well tolerated. However, recently we've had a couple of nasty incidents, where a UTI has flared up in a couple of hours, leading to a fever of 104. Last time, A&E doctor commented that the Avonex will mean infections can start unnoticed - until it's too late.

Has anyone temporarily stopped ...
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Leg pain

I've been injecting avonex for over 5 years. 9 days ago I injected in the top of my thigh as usual - I've had progressive leg pain ever since. I am having trouble lifting my leg and walking in a strange way. Anyone got any ideas what I might have done? Surely it should be this painful? I've injected since in the other leg and with no problems

On another note I still get side ...
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Vastly decreased injury recovery with Avonex?

I have been taking Avonex since July 2012. In January 2012 I suffered a toe injury doing karate which ended up resulting in needing a minor arthroscopy to clear out some mess in the joint. That happened in December 2012. Typical recover time is 3-6 weeks. It's now 6 months later, and while it no longer feels "injured" in the sense of there being anything wrong with the joint, it just hurts whenever I use ...
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Common MS drugs Taken Together Do Not Reduce Relapse Risk

Common Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Taken Together Do Not Reduce Relapse Risk

A recent clinical trial found that interferonβ-1a (INF) and glatiramer acetate (GA), two of the most commonly prescribed drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS), provide no additional clinical benefit when taken together. While findings published today in Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association and Child Neurology Society, suggest that taking both INF and GA together was not superior to GA monotherapy ...
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please help

In desperate need of advice! Ive been on avonex 3 months now, side effects have reduced and i love that its just once a week but im having the hardest time getting over self injecting anxiety, and it is getting worse, last week i had a big disaster and cried all night about it and havent been able to do it again. Im so desperate for it to work out because i like that its ...
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positive on avonex

Hello All,

I started Avonex four weeks ago, but before I did I read many horror stories about side effects, which is unfortunate, but i am here to bring some positivity to that, and say i have not had any reactions from avonex, I drink about 6 liters of water the day of the shot (i am sipping all day long!!)...I take 2 aleve 1/2 hour before and then 2 aleve 2 hours after my ...
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