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Light sensitivity?

For the past couple of years I've noticed that I'm becoming increasingly more sensitive to bright lights usually while I'm driving at night. Since this typically occurs on the days that I take Avonex, which I've been on for just about 6 years, I've attributed it to a side effect of the medication. However, I also have light sensitivity problems on other nights during the week as well. It just seems to be worse on ...
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Experiences with Avonex

This is a call for our members who currently are, or previously have taken, Avonex for the treatment of MS to please share your experiences with the therapy at an exciting new project that has sprung out of our work at This is MS, aptly titled "the Experience Project"

Born out of our experiences (no pun intended) here at This is MS, where a wonderful community has formed based (originally) on shared and common experience, ...
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pregnancy and Avonex

Plenty of info warning women to get off Avonex if they become pregnant. Also a handy registry to register yourself if you're pregnant and on Avonex at ... tml#Avonex.

That's all well and good. But where's the research? Where are the outcomes? Avonex has been around for years now, as have the other MS drugs. Aren't there any conclusions or initial hypotheses yet beyond just "don't do it"? ...
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Avonex and yeast over growth

Wow! I am so happy to find this site. I come from a family with a strong history of autoimmune problems. My mother has a diagnosis of MS and has been on Avonex for about 4 years, with good success. She claims she is really healthy now, but I had her here for 3 weeks and she seemed pretty sick to me still. Primarily her energy is very low.

What I am wondering is, have ...
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Interferon Beta 1a

Okay, I have a stupid question...

If Avonex and Rebif are the same drug (interferon beta 1a) and the difference is the way it is injected (IM vs. SC), then why couldn't someone buy a months supply of Rebif (which is approximately the same price as Avonex) and simply inject 2/3 of the 44mcg dose IM? For the same price (appoximately) you would have 3 months worth of drugs?

Just a silly thought...

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why avonex?

what made you choose Avonex over the other CRABS? My son will have to start one soon, and Im torn between which one we should go with. His Dr. asked me to research them and decide. They both have good and bad sides. Side effects, times etc.

Maybe you all could give me more ideas on which one?
Thank you.

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side effects everyone?

sorry this may be sort of a repeat of anther question.

Does everyone get side effects like the flu and chills etc. from avonex? my son starts soon, but I do think the Dr. wants us to choose between this one and the beta one. But leaning toward this one due to the once a week thing. one the other hand, the side effects do sound aweful.

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avonex + methotrexate

Is anyone else on the avonex + methotrexate combination?
I had been on avonex + cellcept but the cellcept side effects
were not worth it (finally figured out that was what was
causing the diarrhea). So the (new) doc has switched me
to methotrexate instead. The little research I did showed it
to be "mildly" better than avonex alone.

Does anyone have better info on methotrexate and its use
in MS?
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Research on Avonex

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anyone NOT get Avonex side effects, or get them mildly?

Just curious to see if anyone has had the less dramatic course with Avonex. I'm going to start it soon and, well, I'm n-e-r-v-o-u-s! So I'm looking for positive feedback.
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