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Question for Avonex veterans...

What type of protocol does your neuro have you on for blood tests re: liver function, neutralizing antibodies, etc.?
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side effects

I get awful flu like symptoms from the avonex but nyquil or something with an antihistamine really seems to help. Renee :D
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when is enough enough?

well my frustration over this drug is coming to the end. I was diagnosed in oct of 2003. my only symptoms being tingling on my left side, and the "jolts" when I bent my neck down. Within 3 months overything was back to normal but my doctor reccomended I take something as a prevenative.So last year in march I started taking avonex. I was suprised to read on the box that it said it wasnt ...
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Injecting When you are Sick

I jut got over a very bad cold virus (almost 2 weeks) and since I am on Avonex, I need to take a weekly injection. I wasn't sure if it was okay to inject myself if I am not feeling well so I called my neuro and he suggested that I wait a day or two, which I did. Has anyone every injected when they were sick?
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Who injects themselves?

Im wondering whether you guys inject yourselves or get someone else to inject you.
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avonex and hair loss

I've been taking Avonex for about a year now, and i've noticed my hair has begun to thin out quite significantly. Does anyone know how to stop this without stopping the interferon?

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okay, y'all--
telll me what it is re this latest rx from my neuro, that the printed lit . doesn't. love, caroline
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injection question

hello, i have been doing the injections for 4 weeks now, my main problem right now is that my hand is numb and i cant feel a thing, so my father gives me my shots since i couldnt coordinate my hand to give myself shot, so i get the injections in my arm, here is my question, do i really need to switch arms each week? i have found that when i get the injection ...
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Avonex Cost

I'm sure that with all the great knowledge that exists in this community, someone has found a lower cost way to get Avonex. Currently I get it from the direct delivery source. I am fortunate to have a good portion covered by health insurance, but still pay a hefty amount per month (like a car payment - I'm sure others can relate).

What's the best source people have found? Sam's ? Others? I'd appreciate knowing! ...
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1 Year milestone

Has anyone managed to get past the 1 year milestone on avonex and if so has it made a difference to your quality of life?

I also wonder does anyone feel it relives their tiredness - or perhaps add to it..

Im getting to the stage of wondering whether it does anything for me and are the side effects worth it??
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