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positive on avonex

Hello All,

I started Avonex four weeks ago, but before I did I read many horror stories about side effects, which is unfortunate, but i am here to bring some positivity to that, and say i have not had any reactions from avonex, I drink about 6 liters of water the day of the shot (i am sipping all day long!!)...I take 2 aleve 1/2 hour before and then 2 aleve 2 hours after my ...
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I have been on Avonex for one month and I am black/blue in every spot that I do the injection. I had the doctor's office do the injection last week and I still got bruised. Any one else have this? How long will it last ?
I do normally bruise easily but I don't want to be bruised all over. The bruises are taking forever to go away.
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Just starting

I did my first avonex injection last night and it went very well. I was scared and apprehensive. Not only about the avonex, but about injecting myself. I did perfect! It made me a little lightheaded, so I went to bed. I woke up this morning a little sore, but that is not unusual. I took some more motrin and I feel fine. So far, so good. :-D ...
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My Side Effects Are Getting Worse

Hi all!

I was diagnosed with MS February 13th 2012. The doctor prescribed Avonex. When I first started taking the injections I got the typical side effects: headaches, body-aches, chills, my body is cold (especially my hands and feet), feeling faint or flushed, dizziness/vertigo. Some injection days I would vomit while most injection days I would not.

The problem: I've been on Avonex for around 10 months now and for the the last 3 or ...
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Experiencing severe reactions from Avonex

Is there anyone out there that has severe symptoms from the Avonex pen injections? I really could use some support. The Avenox pharmacist is a wonderful person to bounce questions off of, but I need someone to keep in contact with. I am experiencing tearfulness, sadness, aches, pains, and a feeling of isolation, which lasts 3-6 days. :sad:

The pharmacist informed me that I sound like I ...
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Severe reaction to Avonex after eight years

Has anyone ever heard of someone having a severe reaction to Avonex after successful prolonged use? I have taken Avonex for eight years, and except for the usual side effects, everything was great. That all changed last week when I developed a serious reaction after taking my shot. I developed very severe hives that covered my entire body. The ER Dr's said they had never seen hives so bad. Their opinion was that Avonex was ...
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Newbie to ThisIsMS and about to start Avonex

I was diagnosed with CIS last year after having an episode of double vision (and an MRI) and have been struggling with the decision to start drugs which were recommended to me the day I was diagnosed. However, after my MRI got worse (giving me the "official" MS diagnosis) and I received a second opinion from another MS specialist who also recommended drug therapy I have decided to start. BUT, I am PETRIFIED about ...
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Just starting

But I chose Avonex for the convenience. I'm hoping the side effects don't outweigh the benefits. I started with Copaxone, but the daily injections coupled with the injection site reactions were enough to decide to stop after only 3 months.

So today was my fist dose... The titration. I guess we'll see how my body handles it. I've read that the most common are flu-like symptoms and depression. I'm sure they're more, but those are ...
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Going Off of Avonex after being on it for 11 years

I have been on avonex since 2000. I have done really well with it, except since October of last year, my systems started up again and they have not gone away. My neurologist thinks the Avonex is no longer working for me. He told be to stop the Avonex, I have one shot left and they are suppose to be calling me to set me up on Tysabri. It is now 5 days since I ...
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Working full time?

I read posts on dealing with Avonex side effects. I would like to hear from people who take Avonex and also work full time. I struggle with the side effects--but I am working many hours a week. I wonder if I am having a harder time because of that. If I can sit and do almost nothing for 36-48 hours, my week goes much better. If I have to try to keep going the day ...
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