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Just starting

But I chose Avonex for the convenience. I'm hoping the side effects don't outweigh the benefits. I started with Copaxone, but the daily injections coupled with the injection site reactions were enough to decide to stop after only 3 months.

So today was my fist dose... The titration. I guess we'll see how my body handles it. I've read that the most common are flu-like symptoms and depression. I'm sure they're more, but those are ...
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Going Off of Avonex after being on it for 11 years

I have been on avonex since 2000. I have done really well with it, except since October of last year, my systems started up again and they have not gone away. My neurologist thinks the Avonex is no longer working for me. He told be to stop the Avonex, I have one shot left and they are suppose to be calling me to set me up on Tysabri. It is now 5 days since I ...
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Working full time?

I read posts on dealing with Avonex side effects. I would like to hear from people who take Avonex and also work full time. I struggle with the side effects--but I am working many hours a week. I wonder if I am having a harder time because of that. If I can sit and do almost nothing for 36-48 hours, my week goes much better. If I have to try to keep going the day ...
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Coming off Avonex after 8 years of use (!!)


I am 24 years old and live in Canada. I was diagnosed with MS after having my hepatitis B vaccine at the age of 15, when my right side became extremely "heavy" and I could barely move it (my right arm, leg, right side of my face etc.).

6 months after this "attack", I had another one in my left side, where it became cold (not physically to the touch, but it felt like ...
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Hair loss on Avonex

Hi there,
I've just begun taking Avonex - I've taken my third injection and have noticed that I am losing a lot of hair (I actually noticed this from the first week). I haven't lost clumps of hair, or seen any bald spots on my scalp, but the increase in hair loss is definitely noticeable. I just wanted to know whether anyone else has experienced this,and whether this will subside soon, or is it going ...
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after what time?

Hi everybody. I switched from Tysabri to Avonex. Could you please tell me after what time of taking it I could feel a bit better? 1 INJECT aVONEX once a week. yesterday I had my 10th injection ('s 2,5 months already). I am not sure if Avonex works for me...
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Ughh horrible

i have been on avonex for 3 months now, after being taken off rebif. I honestly feel worse on the shots than i did when i wasnt on them. I have had more problems walking, talking, thinking, everything. Needless to say, today i decided to stop the shots, at least for a while. So many people have called me stupid for this decision. MS is hard enough to deal with. I dont need shots making ...
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Daughter in law with MS

I have a daughter in law with MS and her doctor prescribed Avonex. The next day she needed a cain to walk. I have been trying to get her to try Dr. Swanks diet but for some reason she would rather do the drugs. I am trying to understand why? Everything I have seen shows the drugs do not work. Does anyone have a study showing these drugs work? Is it just believing the doctor ...
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Side effects?

I've been on Avonex for 4 months. After shot, every Saturday I feel terrible, like a bus hit me. I don't have any strentgth to get up from my bed. And all Saturday I have big numbness in my right hand (like relapse). I can't to use this hand. I can't hold a pen.
But on Sunday I feel good and my right hand is good.
I don't know what thinking about my right ...
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Genetic sensitivity to interferon-beta

My father recently had a DNA profile done and one of the traits that came back was a significantly increased sensitivity to interferon beta.

"This study examined 199 patients from Spain with clinically diagnosed relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis who had received interferon beta treatment for at least two years. The authors classified patients as “non-responders” if, over the two year period of interferon beta treatment, they had two or more disease relapses, or if their Expanded ...
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