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Feet and Ankle Swelling

I am new to the website, diagnosed 6 years ago been on Avonex since day one. Flue like symptoms early on but have lessened over the years, lately just tired & achy the day after the shot. This week my ankles and feet are extremely swollen it has happened before but did not notice if it coincided with the shot.
Anyone else have this?
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EU regulators approve Avonex pen


Biogen Idec Inc. said Tuesday that European uni0n regulators approved an injectable pen version of its multiple sclerosis drug Avonex.

The Avonex Pen is approved for patients who have experienced the first symptoms of MS, or who have the relapsing form of the disease. The pens are single-use pens with a dose that lasts one week. Biogen Idec said it will start making the pens available in Europe over the next few weeks.

Avonex ...
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Positive data from Avonex dose titration study reported


Biogen Idec has announced the findings from a randomized, multicenter, dose-blinded clinical trial that evaluated the effect of Avonex®(interferon beta-1a) dose titration, or gradual dose escalation, on flu-like symptoms associated with the therapy.

The data demonstrated that dose titration with Avonex over three weeks at the initiation of treatment resulted in a 76 percent reduction in flu-like symptom severity between pre-injection and the four-six-hour post-injection time point versus no titration (p<0.001).... Read More - ...
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Avonex pen now available for Canadian MS patients


Biogen Idec Canada Inc announced AVONEX® PEN™ is now available for patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) and patients with a single demyelinating event in Canada.

“We are delighted to make Avonex Pen available to MS patients in Canada. For many patients, Avonex is the therapy ... Read More - ... ageid/1900
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which injectable?

For those that don't hang out on the stem cell board, I have been trying for a couple weeks to get approved for Dr. Burt's Mist stem cell treatment for my newly diagnosed MS.
I had several discussions today with the folks in charge of the study. The bottom line is that they told me to come get checked out, and then told me that they wouldn't take me for 6months. I must be on ...
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worse side effects on rainy days?

Was diagnosed with ms last year in april. Have been on avonex since then. Have recently experienced that the side effects following the shot are worse if its raining. Also there is kind of pain/weakness in the limbs when its cloudy/raining. Anyone with similar experience and the knowledge about the possible cause for the same.
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Why did you choose Avonex?

i posted a similar question elsewhere with no results. therefore, i am going to post this same question in the specific drug rooms.

was it your Dr's recommendations or was it due to your own personal preference. if it was your own preference, why this one?

thank you
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Avonex efficiency

So my one year of Avonex finished and went for MRI.
First, did the brain MRI that showed no new lessions: what a happiness.
Then, did the cervical MRI and surprise: 3 new lessions. One 8mm, one 8.5mm and 1.2cm. I am so so scared...what does this mean? Is Avonex not working properly for me?
So I asked my neuro and he put it lk this: "MS is progressive. What did you expect? You should ...
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Avonex and anti depressants

My daughter was diagnosed 1.5 years ago (AGE 16) and is on Avonex, which seems to be causing moderate depressive symptoms for a few days around the injection. She also suffers from mild to moderate OCD and at some point may decide to take Cipralex or another anti anxiety medication. Any experience, out there, with similar circumstances?
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Avonex without side effects

Just wanted to post that I bit the bullet for my kids & took my first Avonex shot last night. I agonized over the decision because of what I have read about the horrible side effects.

I have an ulcer so I took a Prilosec OTC (generic) 4 hours before my shot. Then I took 400mg of Ibuprophen (generic) 2 hours before my shot with 1 generic Benadryl (yes of course generic ) I drank ...
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