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Anyone else can't take Nsaids? (Ibuprophen/Aleve)

I hated Copaxone... going to try Avonex.

Anyone else on here who can not take Nsaids? I have ulcers. Nothing but Tylenol for me & I am a bit worried I will get a sky high fever. Tylenol doesn't work very well for me with big fevers. One Ibuprophen & I am bleeding.

Anyone do ok with just Tylenol?
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Would anyone mind giving me some feedback?

I was on Avonex for years starting in 1997(?) ending in 2006 because I wanted to have a baby. Being on Avonex kindof sucked, but not THAT bad (I was expecting to be down for the count all week, but it was typically only the night of injection). Now, after having my second child, I am back to seeing a neuro. She really, REALLY wants me back on Avonex, and I really REALLY don't want ...
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daily headaches on Avonex

Hi, I was on Avonex for 4 yrs and recently advised by neuro to stop. I was experiencing a headache everyday for 3mos.
My las injection was almost 2 months ago, today I'm in day 3 of a relapse.??? Don't know if it's related but I don't have anymore headaches.
Can anyone relate?
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Treating depression caused by Avonex

I have quit taking the antidepressant prescribed by by neuro because I didn't like the side effects. I am researching more natural ways to treat depression/anxiety. What can anyone tell me about Sam-e? I have St. John's wort, folic acid, and Omega 3. I am considering adding Sam-e, but want some feedback from some of you who may be taking it.
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starting avonex

Hi everyone,
I've just started taking avonex, I've had 2 injections so far & only half doses to wean me onto it. The nurse said the top outer quadrant of the buttock is a good place and the most comfortable, the 2 injections I've had so far were on each buttock and the next 2 will be the thighs. My qustion about this is when I rotate injection sites, once I come back to the ...
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Avonex, weight gain, side effecs, etc.

I have gained 10 pounds in the last year--been on Avonex 14 months. I was told the weight gain was due to Lexapro, which I was prescribed for anxiety. I got tired of taking the Lexapro, and AMA, I quit. I started weaning slowly, got tired of that, and just stopped. Haven't noticed any difference in the way I feel, so I figure it wasn't that effective anyway. However, the weight hasn't gone away. I ...
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Liberation Treatment

Hi, is there anyone out there who has had the Liberation Treatment and was taking Avonex. If so, did you stop the Avonex or are you still taking it? Thank you.
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can't take it anymore

The raging depression always comes a few days after the injection. I can't stop crying. I feel like I am burning up with fever, but my temp is normal. My skin hurts. My eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head. I hate myself. I think about ways I can end it all and it scares me even more. Then the depression will subside and I have to inject again! @#(@*#! ...
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Important to always inject on same day?

My schedule is often quite demanding--as I know many of yours are. I work Mon-Fri and quite often have events related to work on Saturdays. I have given up my Sunday evening of fellowship with friends because I inject on Sunday afternoon. I generally feel pretty rough through the night, then the hung-over feeling hangs on until Monday afternoon. I would love to be able to spend time with friends again. I am considering adding ...
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Anxiety on day of Injection

I am experiencing anxiety within a couple of hours of injecting. I can function, but I am miserable for several hours with the anxiety, fever, chills, and pain. I have been on Avonex 1 year--since diagnosis in Aug. 2009. The side effects are still quite severe for the first 24-36 hours after injection. The post injection anxiety just started in the last 2 months. I started Lexapro in Dec. 2009 due to depression. Before MS, ...
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