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Wound Healing?

I was wondering if anyone here who has been on Avonex for a while has noticed a decrease in the rate of wound healing? For example, I've been on Avonex for 9.5 years and I've noticed lately that some wounds seem to take longer than they used to to heal. I banged my shin in early March and while it's mostly healed, I've still got a pretty good mark and/or scar from it.

Thanks, NHE
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neutralizing antibodies....test

is this a test that MS patients on IMD's should be given son has had RRMS for 6+ years but to the best of my knowledge he has never been tested for this....
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Pre-filled needles -changed?

First time post here.

My husband was diagnosed with MS just before Christmas. We chose Avonex and did well for the first three months (the first shipment). Our mail-order drug coverage changed. The first shipment came through Tel-Drug, and we had no problems. The latest shipments are coming through Medco Accredo. These syringes look and feel different. The needle size is the same, but these latest syringes have a visible white line around the base ...
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Anybody take Interferon and has no side effects?

Reason I'm asking is that I'm on a trial of the hopefully, longer lasting Interferon 1B.

To date I've had 3 injections and experienced nothing like a side effect. This leads me to suspect that I'm on a placebo rather than real stuff, unless of course I'm very lucky and not suspect to any of the published side effects.

Anybody else take interferons with no side-effects?
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And were off!!!

And were off!! I gave myself my first Avonex injection at 1pm today! I am beginning to feel really achey, but hopefully this is as bad as it gets :?
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New Blood Test Predicts Who Will Benefit From Interferons

A simple blood test is now available to predict who will and who will not benefit by using Interferons. No more guess work. No more trying to figure out will it work for me, which one will work, is it working or not.

Ask your neurologist about this.

The underlines are mine. It's pretty extraordinary that the test is currently available but "more study is needed" Ask your doctor now.

This is from I'll ...
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prefilled injections

Hi there! I am new to TIMS however I have been a lurker for many months. I am currently taking Avonex. I am on injection #6. I have been gradually working up from 1/4 dose to full dose coming up next week. My question is I have noticed a small air bubble in the prefilled vile. Do I remove the air bubble before I inject? Or do I just inject it all to insure all ...
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Switching from Copaxone to Avonex

I was on Copaxone but suffered extreme skin reactions and my ms nurse and consultant said I had to stop taking them and try a different dmd!!

After much research - a lot of which I got from this sight - I have made the decision to try Avonex. One of my reasons is that it doesn't cause skin site reactions! BUT and it is a very big but I have read about the chills ...
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Avonex, Betaferon or Rebif?

Dear all,

I hope you can help me with deciding which is the best medication. I am newly diagnosed with MS. It has been a long and difficult diagnosis due to the fact that I do not have typical MS symptoms, except for the optical neuritis. I had the first optical neuritis attack in July 2009 and the second one in January 2010. I have seen three neurologists in Dubai and one in Germany. After ...
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Supplements, vitamins and herbal products?

The Avonex consumer information booklet says you should tell your doctor if you are taking any vitamins, mineral supplements or herbal products. Does anybody know why this is? What vitamins, supplements and herbal products are a no-no when taking Avonex? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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