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Should I

I have been diagnosed with MS by a neurologist who said he did so by my exams and the MRI was just proof. Another neurologist told me it wasn't. My family doctor really thinks it is at first I did not but now I am starting to believe it. I am having horrible Central Neuropathic Pain Related Headaches that take 3 days to build up 2 days at way past a 10 on the pain ...
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One good story for Betaseron

Personally I don't take any of the DMD drugs. But a woman I know who got MS about 25 years ago had this to say. She was on Betaseron since she was dxed. She said it was the only thing that kept her out of the hospital. Recently her doctor took her off of it because her latest MRI showed no lesions. She is still somewhat disabled but has no lesions and she hasn't had ...
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Betaferon/betaseron side effects

Hello guys,
I'm new to this forum, actually I'm very new to this forum. I have a question about my medicine. I am injecting myself every other day with Betaferon (not sure if it's the same as Betaseron) and I think my hair is thinning because of it.
I was diagnosed 28th December 2011 (Merry Christmas!) and have been using Betaferon since then. My hair has been thinning slowly but steadily since then and the ...
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Consequences of missing doses?

So, I've been on Betaseron for 9 years. Thus far, I've done pretty well with it- I have no disability, and relatively light symptoms of the disease. However, I go through periods where I'm not very compliant with doing my injections. It can be easy to just blow it off, mainly due to their being no immediate consequences if you do miss a dose. I'm curious about a couple things...I've been kind of bad lately- ...
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Treatment follow-up reveals positive results for MS patients

Results from the BENEFIT11 trial has found that early treatment with IFNB-1b leads to improvements in cognition and fatigue in the long-term, as well as sustained employment and favourable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) outcomes, measured at the 11-year mark, according to the study Long-Term Impact Of Early MS Treatment With Interferon Beta-1b: Clinical, MRI, Employment And Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) at the 11-Year Follow-up of BENEFIT (BENEFIT 11)...... Read More -
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Treatment at the first sign of illness improves MS: Study

A long-term study following multiple sclerosis (MS) patients taking interferon beta-1b, suggests the earlier therapy is started, the greater the benefit..... Read More -
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After 5 months, should I feels so 'icky' on beteserone??


History: Had chemo for breast cancer last year. JC positive. This limits the MS drugs I can take.

This question dawned on me late last night so I thought I would pose it to you guys.

I have been on Betaseron for 5 months. I feel crappy everyday. I'm not talking about the flu-like symptoms you can get after each shot. (I don't get those anymore) So, last night, I was trying to remember ...
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Betaseron & Lupus Risk !!!! ???

I was on Betaseron from August 2011-June 2012.

My new neuro has informed me that Betaseron use has a risk of producing Lupus!!

But, a secondary 'advantage' of having Lupus, is that the meds used to treat Lupus, actually are better choices for treatment of MS?!?!?!

BUT, MS drugs are bad for setting off other diseases, like LUPUS!

Oddly enough, in the 2 years it took for my docs to Dx. me with MS, I ...
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Betaseron & Cessation of Kidney Stones on Treatment!!

I have had Kidney stones about every 8 weeks since 1997. Sadly, they were 'normal' to me...I had a urologist tell me, 'there is nothing you can do about stones, just get use to having them!' (yes, there are Jerk doctors out there!)

Thankfully, patients READ!! and can become educated about their conditions, and, learn that some doctors stop reading, and are not interested in advocating for patient quality of life, as that urologist did ...
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