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Just switch to betaseron after 7 yrs o rebif

I just switch treatment after advice frm my neuro frm rebif to betaseron since rebif is not reducing the relapz tat I am experiencing nowadays.

It takes a while to get to use to the mixing of the powder in Betaseron. It's much more easier with rebif. hope I am doing the mixing correctly!!!
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Post-injection pain?

I am still working my way through all my injection sites, and the last 8 of 10 injections have caused what feels like my muscle to be very sore at the injection site. It starts about 6 hours or so after the shot - i wake up in the night to find it hurts pretty bad. It has lasted anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so found ...
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I've been on Betaseron for over a year now with no issues till recently.
About 4 months ago I injected into my muscle when I was really tired. I had a lump for a month and thought it would go away. Then it started really hurting. I was prescribed antibiotics and came to an open wound with dead skin in the middle. Yay! So now the dermatologist has been cutting the dead skin out every ...
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Bayer launches Betaferon® in China


Bayer Schering Pharma announced the upcoming launch in China of Betaferon® (interferon beta-1b) for the treatment of relapsing-remitting forms of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Betaferon is already approved in over 100 countries worldwide.
With Betaferon and Gadovist®1.0, which was also recently launched in China, Bayer Healthcare China aims to provide Chinese multiple sclerosis patients with a comprehensive range of services from diagnosis to therapy. Gadovist 1.0, a contrast agent for use in magnetic resonance imaging ...
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It's not so bad

I wanted to post this in case any one starting on Betaseron or considering it needs some positivity...especially after seeing my "Scared" and "Yowza!" posts. :D

Everyone's experience is different but mine so far, is that it's really not so bad! The first shot hurt like a mother and the side effects where present, though tolerable. I've only done 4 shots so far but for it ...
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Betaseron Request

Dear Forum participants,

As my nickname indicates I am a friend of a person affected by MS. She lives in Cuba, and does not have access to internet. She was diagnosed with MS three years ago, and have been using Betaseson therapy since the beginning. The betaseron was subsidized by the Cuban Government since health care is free over there. However, the combination of a weak Cuban economy, the global economic crisis and political factors ...
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Yowzas! This hurts

I did my first shot yesterday and it hurt so much more than I thought it would! I could feel the medicine under my skin...have you ever received a scrambled cell phone message where it sounds like a devil under water? If you could make that sound into a feeling, that's how it felt.

Any tips/tricks to make it not nurt so much or make the whole process less of a nuisance? I am going ...
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Scared - any advice?

I am submitting my application tomorrow to start Betaseron. My doctor said I technically have CIS but since I am at such a high risk for developing MS, he really encourages my to begin therapy ASAP, as did the other neurologists I consulted with to confirm the test results.

I was stuck between Copaxone vs Betaseron and decided I'd rather try my luck with flu-like symptoms than risk permanent damage to my body w/ lipoatrophy. ...
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What are the benefits of Betaseron?

From what I understand Betaseron and similar drugs are touted as reducing the number of relapses. Is that correct or can they slow disease progression as well?

I have never had relapses in my 15 years with MS so I never started taking any of those drugs.
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