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Betaseron Request

Dear Forum participants,

As my nickname indicates I am a friend of a person affected by MS. She lives in Cuba, and does not have access to internet. She was diagnosed with MS three years ago, and have been using Betaseson therapy since the beginning. The betaseron was subsidized by the Cuban Government since health care is free over there. However, the combination of a weak Cuban economy, the global economic crisis and political factors ...
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Yowzas! This hurts

I did my first shot yesterday and it hurt so much more than I thought it would! I could feel the medicine under my skin...have you ever received a scrambled cell phone message where it sounds like a devil under water? If you could make that sound into a feeling, that's how it felt.

Any tips/tricks to make it not nurt so much or make the whole process less of a nuisance? I am going ...
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Scared - any advice?

I am submitting my application tomorrow to start Betaseron. My doctor said I technically have CIS but since I am at such a high risk for developing MS, he really encourages my to begin therapy ASAP, as did the other neurologists I consulted with to confirm the test results.

I was stuck between Copaxone vs Betaseron and decided I'd rather try my luck with flu-like symptoms than risk permanent damage to my body w/ lipoatrophy. ...
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What are the benefits of Betaseron?

From what I understand Betaseron and similar drugs are touted as reducing the number of relapses. Is that correct or can they slow disease progression as well?

I have never had relapses in my 15 years with MS so I never started taking any of those drugs.
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Study supports long-term safety profile of Betaferon® for MS

Study supports long-term safety profile of Betaferon® for Multiple Sclerosis over 16 years


Results from the 16-year follow-up to the pivotal Betaferon® (interferon-beta-1b) trial, published today in the journal Neurology, provide the longest and most complete patient follow-up data and support the long-term safety profile of Betaferon in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Results demonstrated that no new or unexpected adverse events (AEs) emerged with long-term therapy, and the observed treatment-related AEs decreased over time.

"These ...
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iPhone application launched to assist people on Betaseron®


Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals today launched a new tool using a technology that many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) already have in their pockets or purses – their iPhone.

The new iPhone application, myBETAapp™, provides tools that are customized for Betaseron® (interferon beta-1b) patients, making it the first application developed for use with a specific MS medication....

Read More - ... ageid/1902
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Depression and Betaseron

Hi all. I imagine this may have been covered but please bear with me. I have been experiencing an increase in depression since I started Betaseron. It's been three months now and my mood has steadily declined. Can this be attributed to this medication? I do have bipolar disorder and it was stable prior to starting betaseron. I'm going to talk to my neuro ASAP but thought I'd see what other folks have exerienced. Thanks ...
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New Blood Test Predicts Who Will Benefit From Interferons

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:18 pm Post subject: New Blood Test Predicts Who Will Benefit From Interferons


A simple blood test is now available to predict who will and who will not benefit by using Interferons. No more guess work. No more trying to figure out will it work for me, which one will work, is it working or not.

Ask your neurologist about this.

The underlines are mine. It's pretty extraordinary that ...
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MS Interferon Drugs -- Brain Atrophy and Other Problems

There are two very important studies of which everyone needs to be aware. The first shows that the use of interferons such as Betaseron results in gray matter atrophy (brain shrinkage). Here is a link:

<shortened url>

The second study shows that when the interferons cause the development of antibodies, these antibodies cause a worsening of MS symptoms -- even long after taking the medicine is stopped. Here's a link to that study:

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Teens with OCD and MS

Does anyone have any experience with the OCD- MS link.Our 16 year old deals with mild OCD and has just been diagnosed with MS after 2 bouts of optic neuritis. Any info on teens and disease modifying drugs success/failure or challenges also welcomed. Thanks to all .amc
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