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Thyroid Issues and interferon

Just followed an interesting line of research about thyroid problems and MS--since thryoid runs in my family. I found a study that says up to 24% of the people on interferon 1-a and 1-b develop hypothyroidism within the first year of treatment. Hypothyroidism can cause hair loss.

This study suggests you get tested if you're using interferon. ... 004-2326v1

Have any of you had your doc test you ...
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MS symptoms or betaferon side effects?

Hello everyone,
My 15-yr old daughter was dx this past Jan and recently started Beta injections (she's only at 1/2 dose). She says that "everything hurts more" like when she gets knocked or pushed or scrapes herself. She also says that her arms and legs feel like they have just had an intense workout and the muscles are tired and sore.
Since we are new to all of this, could you pros tell me whether ...
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Starting Betaseron

OK I am starting Betaseron tommorrow. I am a little nervous the only other thing I have taken was Tysabri...........enough said. I am interested to know how this stuff is going to make me feel. They are stepping up my dose so I am not going full dose to begin with. Will this help me feel better? I know probably not at first but given time will this help my quality of life? I have ...
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Started betaseron

I'm taking betaseron now.
Using the autoinjector.
Started with a full does (docs orders) :(
But actually have had very little in the way of side effects, just a little stiffness all over.
I was expecting to get slammed by flu symptoms, didnt happen, I've had 7 doses now.
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Withdrawal symptoms?

Does anyone know what might happen if someone stops taking betaseron after having been on it for a few years? Are there any adverse reactions, such as withdrawal symptoms, or the like?

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Clinical effectiveness

I've browsed many many MS sites and if nothing else, there is much research to support the use of ABC's. I've been on Betaseron since April and the side effects are all but gone. My wife is a Pharmacist of 20 years and we feel we made a well educated choice over the others available. My question to all. Although the research supports Betaseron and all the ABC'c available, from a real life standpoint........DO THEY ...
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The Beta Buddy

Yesterday I received a UPS package containing the "Beta Buddy".

It's a "tool" to help remove the needle cap and can serve as a "bottle opener" of sorts to take the betaseron cap off.

Interesting. I used it and it is helpful. There must have been a slew of complaints about the packaging of the new pre-filled syringe and kit.

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I've been using Betasaron in the pre-filled kit for about a month and a half. I have bruises and big red marks all over! I talked to the beta nurse and she said try cortisone cream. This does not seem to be helping!
Anybody have any suggestions? I'm really skinny ( 94lbs. ) so it's hard to find any fatty part of my body. I use my butt alot and it's really starting to hurt!
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Pre-filled injection

I took my first pre-filled injection last night.

I went slowly and read through the "manual" during the process.

In a few weeks it'll go faster as I become more familiar with the steps.

Just an update :)


Niko 8)
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Refill ordered

Okay. I put in for a re-fill yesterday. I get my meds by mail. So, hopefully, when I open the box it will be the pre-filled variety.

I'll post my results :)


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