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A board to discuss the soon-to-be released drug Campath as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Flu shot, post campath: Yes or no?

Okay, so I am an RN. The Dept of Health in my county has mandated all healthcare workers to get vaccinated, or else have a doc's note.
I asked my research nurse, and she said okay. Then I brought it up again, and now she doesn't remember saying okay. She says that the study people say "No vaccinations!".
It's a good thing I waited a few days on the shot!
What have the rest of ...
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Grumpster got ITP now

Well it has been a long time sice I posted. I hit the 6 month mark recently. I had some immediate adverse events after the treatment, but then I have been doing well neurologically actually really pretty good. My balance, gait, and strength have been better. My vertigo that lasted > 1 year has subsided to very managable levels where it was at one point bringing me to the brink of the end of life ...
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Meet a man starting 2nd year of Campath

While I was getting my Tysabri Infusion we met a man and his wife who came in to say hello the infusion nurses. He said he would be back next week to start year 2 of Campath.

I asked if he thought it helped and he said definately, although he still could not tolerate the heat and humidity at all. He was excited to have year 2 infusions.

The infusion nurse also said they we ...
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Change in lymphocyte gene expression induced by Campath-1H

Change in lymphocyte gene expression induced by Campath-1H treatment of multiple sclerosis
J.A. Somerfield, J.L. Jones, V.H. Robertson, D.A.S. Compston, A.J. Coles (Cambridge, UK)

Objectives: Campath-1H, a humanised monoclonal antibody to CD52, causes profound lymphopenia. It significantly reduces the relapse rate of multiple sclerosis and, intriguingly, results in reduced EDSS scores at 36months. This study aims to identify changes in peripheral lymphocyte gene expression associated with this improvement in disability after Campath-1H treatment.
Methods: Blood ...
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Second round of infusions start tomorrow

Hey everyone,
I start my second round of campath tomorrow. I can't believe it has been a year already. Only three days this time. I hope everyone is doing well. I am anticipating an uneventful few days of sitting in the office with an IV in my hand/arm. I will post anything of importance over the next couple of days.
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Three month mark

I am now nearing the three month mark post campath infusions.
I'm feeling pretty good, in spite of a recent fall that banged me up.
Friday, I return to the doc.
I am wondering how others are doing, as time goes by post infusions, and what I might expect.
Has anyone seen real improvement yet?
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fourth day post campath-rash

got the rash today. looks like little pimples all over the fronts of my shoulders. doesn't itch though, which is a good point. i also had to go to urgent care for the cough. turns out i have bronchitis.
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day five, was friday. today is sunday

went ok, other than i've now got a cold. yuck. so, do i have any immune system or what? nobody seemed to care that i was sick. i had the scary nurse... i woke up with mimi-a nurse that came right off the drew carey show staring down at me. and wow was she evil. i felt really feverish and yucky all day friday, and whatnot. yesterday was ok though. today seems ok. still sick ...
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new to the forum but had first set of infusions in april

just wondering how people felt two months post infusion, still feel the same symptoms havent decreased, just curious maybe im expecting too much too soon. dx 07/2007 thank you..
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day four/yesterday

so yesterday was good, in that there were no steroids. so no gaining another five pounds overnight. but this morning, my joints are KILLING ME. and i'm tired. but what's new there. and so far no rash, which is great. so i'm off to the last day now, woohoo!
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