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A board to discuss the soon-to-be released drug Campath as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Month 24

My study is Care MS 1. This is Month 24. entering into the extension phase and just learned I received the 25mg dose both times. My MRI showed no new changes. My blood is stable: lymphs are low but within normal parameters. I didn't ask @ the levels on the CD 54+ (or whatever..they test a few and i don't have that part memorized-if u rly want to know how low they go w/ campath, ...
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Spotlight on Alemtuzumab

A good summary of the Campath research to date, that includes statistics for the early trials of the drug between 1991 and 2002 (along with the widely published Phase II trial results). The pdf linked below is much easier to read!


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Spotlight on Alemtuzumab

Alemtuzumab, formally known as Campath-1H, is a humanized monoclonal antibody directed against CD52, a protein on the surface of lymphocytes and monocytes with unknown function. A single ...
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AAN abstract

Dear all,

There are a few Alemtuzumab (Campath) abstracts being presented at the AAN conference in April.

As someone who has had their two infusions - the last being 27 months ago, it's quite comforting that the treatment effect seems to hold good for the majority of patient for at least four years after treatment. ... 0L_P04.213

I now have an annual MRI and a six-monthly check-up. My ...
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My MS has gradually worsened (walking more unstable) over a year, and my neuro suggested I look at Novantrone as an option -- see ehat 3 doses woul;d do etc.

I was wondering though, if I went for this option would it complicate using Campath -- or Revimmune -- in the future? Was thinking in terms of supressed immunity with a chemo drug and then problems using a monoclonal antibody.

Any input welcome! Also ...
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Licence for Campath?


Any of you guys know when Campath is likely to become a licenced/approved treatment in the UK and the US?

Have been reading different dates -- 2010, 2011, 2012 and so on.


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Anybody heard results on female fertility and campath? sorry if i've asked before. I'm not getting any younger! Thanks.
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Month 21-Two rounds of campath

Sorry guys, I've moved on to CCSVI !!
I mean, that's where I've moved my proverbial eggs to.
I think campath slowed down a wicked downward spiral but there's something out here that's keeping me down. Or I mean my wbc attack ON. whatever i don't know, but campath's not enough. i have to admit my diet is crap...but beyond that i don't know what else to do to to get better.
I accepted, bought ...
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Campath worked great for me for 6 months, then RELAPSE CITY

I was in the CAMMS323 trial and I received Campath (although I still do not know the dosage). I was only diagnosed with RRMS for one year and 2 months before going into the trial. I am currently at month 11, and will likely be pulled out of the study.

I tolerated the infusions very well, and even continued to improve for 6 months after the initial set of infusions, but right around the 6 ...
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Campath round one 6 weeks ago

So far no side effects to speak of and to be honest not real sure what to expect. I went into this without any real expectations. I just trusted my doctors to lead me in a direction that I assume they are certainly more knowledgeable about. Now I have found this site and am curious as to any stories pertaining to possible changes specifically in regards to bladder issues. My most annoying MS symptom is ...
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I am so glad that i found this site...........I am two months in and feeling a lil glad to read all of these post because it has helped me to understand how this medication works..I have been told by my doctor that it does take time, so now that I am able to get a feel for how much time I feel renewed! Clinging on to hope that I will have wonderful results like ...
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