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Discussion of chiropractic methods used to address multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Neuromuscular Dentist and Myotronics unit

A brief story on me, my lower jaw would forcefully shift when I yawned with my mouth open as wide as I could and my temporomandibol joint would crack every now and then

On 2/22/13 I went to see a neuromuscular dentist since this was the closes type of dentist in Hawaii to Dr. Amir. I was corresponding with the dentist before via email where I showed him this ... ...

TMJ treatment with Dr Amir - also posted in CCSVI

Hi all,
I started to see Dr Amir about 6 weeks ago, before I give an account of what has happened with Dr Amir Ill give a little background to my MS history/symptoms.

I was diagnosed about 13 years ago and my progression has been slow and steady, I don’t really suffer with relapses (well, noticeable ones anyway). Although I suffer with bowel problems, cold feet, lower backache, tiredness on a daily basis its my ...
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Effects of Atlas balance treatment on 'MS' symptoms

I have started treatment for asymmetries in my teeth, jaw, atlas and pelvis. By wearing a series of adjustable dental braces, my teeth and jaw are moving into better alignment. After only three months of treatment, a symptom I've had since my MS diagnosis, L'hermitte's sign (feeling of shock running down your spine when bending the neck forward) is completely gone! It was a symptom that had been with me for 22 years and now ...
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HI friends i am new to this site i need a help Please can any one help me found a relible chiroprcter who can treat m.s in SYDNEY area i will be very grateful if any one help me in this matter, many thanks
seeva :oops:
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Chiropractic works for me!

:-BD Just had my 6th adjustment. My walking is definitely better!

I'd never seen a chiropractor before but was always intrigued. The initial visit consisted of reflex tests and 6 xrays. Was pleasantly surprised to learn that the reason I'm an inch shorter standing on my right leg (my weak side) is not the hip joints as I feared but the lower spine is skewed. Twelve ...
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Dr. Berkoff on why UCC might work as a CCSVI treatment ... 9665829860
Greg Berkoff, DC…one chiropractic Perspective
Upper cervical spine manipulation…is it a viable treatment option?
If upper cervical spine manipulation does help with ms then CCSVI might give a reason for why it works.
thereS a network of veins in, and around the 1st cervical vertebra. The vertebral plexus works selectively when we are upright
verterbral system is just as important as the internal jugular system.
All ...
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UCRF Research Update
On February 18, 2012, the NUCCA procedure with a research update was presented to medical professionals and MS patients at the International Society Neurovascular Disease (ISNVD) Conference in Orlando, FL. The podium was shared with such renowned CCSVI Researchers as: Dr. Paulo Zamboni, Dr. Michael Dake, Dr. Robert Zivadinov, to mention a few.

Dr. Zamboni presented findings that CCSVI occurs in other conditions such as ...
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I have just clicked- it in Canada


I have just clicked that that chiropractic dynamic is based in Canada.

Wow! I didnt realize. I would like to just say I am NOT connected to any to any advertisement for any company at all, its the concept or ideas I agree with in any of my posts ok its entirely up to you who you choose as to future treatment ok

I just had to make that clear, ijust want to join ...
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