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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

New Study: Inadequate cerebral blood flow in MS

The study out of NYU looks at cerebrovascular reactivity, or CVR. CVR is how the brain reacts or responds with blood flow when there is vasodilation. This function is extremely important, as neurons need adequate blood flow to provide glucose and oxygenation. Without this response of adequate cerebral bloodflow (CBF), the brain will not function properly, and neurons can potentially die. ... id=1893478

Patients with MS had a ...
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Are Plavix/blood thinners needed 3 years after azygos stent?

IR who performed venoplasty 3 yrs ago put a stent in my azygos and recommended I take Plavix forever. I can no longer take Plavix or aspirin, and I won't take Coumadin as an alternative. Is there any reason I can't be off all RX drugs at this point? I've never had blood clots or any other blood related problem, and I eat a heart-healthy diet.
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Greetings from a name perhaps forgotten!

It has been nearly four years since I have posted anything in this forum. My neglect can be attributed to, well, living life!

I had the Liberation Treatment performed in Albany on August 13, 2010. Since then, I have taken zero- ZERO- meds to manage my MS. I have also had zero relapses. Frankly, I am just fine.

My weekends, formally used to recover from those nasty Avonex side effects, are now filled with activity. ...
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Comparative study of MS drugs

For those who take MS drugs -- you might be interested in this study comparing the frequency and the short/long term effect of adverse events from the DMT's

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Here we go:

I am 29, a (former) runner, exercise fanatic, new Mom (she's 11 months), and a teacher. About 8 months ago I had frozen shoulder. After a steroid pack from my GP and some rest, it went away, but then weeks later I had excruciating chest/arm pit/hand pain. This went on for months until I was diagnosed with arterial thoracic outlet syndrome. But, between the original symptoms and the diagnosis, my eyes had ...
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Homocysteine decreases cerebral perfusion

I think that any discussion of endothelial health and cerebral perfusion is incomplete without considering homocysteine.

Resting brain perfusion and selected vascular risk factors in healthy elderly subjects.
PLoS One. 2014 May 19;9(5):e97363.

    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Both cerebral hypoperfusion and vascular risk factors have been implicated in early aging of the brain and the development of neurodegenerative disease. However, the current knowledge of the importance of cardiovascular health on resting brain perfusion is limited. The ...
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Alzheimer Nitric Oxide NOS2

Understanding the pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying Alzheimer disease relies on knowledge of disease onset and the sequence of development of brain pathologies. We present a comprehensive analysis of early and progressive changes in a mouse model that demonstrates a full spectrum of characteristic Alzheimer disease–like pathologies. This model demonstrates an altered immune redox state reminiscent of the human disease and capitalizes on data indicating critical differences between human and mouse immune responses, particularly in nitric ...
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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/CCSVI?

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed last week with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; however, my doctor tells me that all my other symptoms cannot be caused by TOS. These include leg numbness, tingling, twitching legs, abdomen, and feet (very small...only I notice). Also, in a vascular test, it was noticed that my feet were completely "flat" as far as getting blood to them...there is NO blood getting to my toes! I even get these lesions on my ...
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What is wrong with MS research?

We all have seen CCSVI prevalence in MS patients oscillating from 0% to 100% according to who the researcher was. Most of us have supposed dark interests or weak skills as explanation for the discrepancies.

Recently the same has happened in other field. Kir4.1, once thought as a MS specific autoantibody, is now a theory nearly dead. (,

But the situation is ...
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