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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

VitD and Endothelial Health ... ca034eaa9#

Comment from my bud Ed:

The key hormone directing the growth and differentiation of blood vessels is calcitriol.

This is mostly likely why pwMS end up with screwed up veins when you look at the combination of the latitude and birth month effects. If the mother is vitamin D deficient as is likely at the point in fetal development at which veins are formed, 7th-8th month, ...
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new research: MS is a vascular disease

Newly published research from the ISNVD finds that pwMS do have endothelial microparticles in their blood, which are not found in normals. These microparticles are shed by dying and diseased endothelial cells, are a sign of endothelial dysfunction. They create inflammation, hypercoagulation and slow blood flow. These EMPs are related to lesions and brain atrophy in MS on MRI.

"Blood circulating microparticle species in relapsing–remitting and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. A case–control, cross sectional study ...
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Impaired Blood Flow in Diabetic Brain Tied to Cognitive Prob ... g454846d0r

Thought this was interesting and relevant to the discussion here.

"These correlations suggest that inflammation has a critical role in the degradation of cerebral vasoregulation in the milieu of chronic hyperglycemia regardless of glycemic control," they added.

Inflammation plus starved neurons equals cognitive decline
They said their findings also suggest that endothelial problems may develop early in the course of hyperglycemic damage, before any structural changes ...
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Settings for an Effective Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

New research destroys the auto-immune model of Multiple Sclerosis

The Journal of Experimental Medicine said it best in their recent tweet:
“Decades of medical theory which considered the brain as different from other organs of the body and without a lymphatic drainage system were, well...... simply not correct.”

The presence of a lymphatic vascular system:
The University of Helsinki has independently published a ...
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Clive Beggs' new paper- hemodynamics and MS

Great new paper from ISNVD member, Clive Beggs---open access:

Venous haemodynamic and cerebrospinal fluid anomalies associated with multiple sclerosis

The key findings of these studies are: (i) MS patients, diagnosed with CCSVI, exhibit greatly increased
hydraulic resistance of the cerebral venous drainage system; (ii) MS patients experience loss of the small cerebral veins; (iii) MS patients exhibit reduced CSF bulk flow, consistent with mild venous hypertension; (iv) MS patients exhibit increased CSF pulsatility in the ...
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Reflux question

Hi Dr. S -

I emailed you but am not sure if you have received it yet.

Do you normally treat refluxing IVJ's?

What about refluxing from a chest vein (axillary + lateral thoracic)? Is this something we could treat? Symptoms are debilitating - ultrasounds prove the reflux....need help very very much!
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2015 ISNVD abstracts online now!

All available in Veins and Lymphatics publication-- ... /view/5398

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2nd study: lymph vessels in CNS confirmed

Helsinki University has also found the newly discovered lymph vessels which carry immune cells in the CNS, and rely on venous drainage of the brain. ... 2290.short

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Testing in Ontario?

Does anyone know of any facilities that still offer testing for CCSVI In Ontario Canada?
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