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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

“I knew what was going to happen if I did nothing [...]"

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“I knew what was going to happen if I did nothing and so I was going to do something”: Faith, hope, and trust in the decisions of Canadians with multiple sclerosis to seek unproven interventions abroad

Jeremy Snyder,corresponding author Krystyna Adams, Valorie A Crooks, David Whitehurst, and Jennifer Vallee


By deciding to seek an unproven intervention abroad, these individuals took on responsibility for their ...
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Endothelin-1 discussed at ISNVD 2015 ... %20all.pdf
Is there a role for mast cells dependent synthesis of Endothelin-1 in
neurodegenerative diseases?

Pedro D’Orléans-Juste-1
, Louisane Desbiens, Denis Gris-2
Departments of Pharmacoly-1 and of Pediatrics-2
, Faculty of Medicine,
Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, PQ, Canada

Background: In the central nervous system mast cells are found in proximity of neurons and blood vessels. During inflammation, activated mastocytes releases several proteases among which chymase is ...
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Dr. Michael Dake ISNVD 2015

Clinical Applications of Venous Treatment

Recent data from the literature suggest a greater role of chronic venous insufficiency in the pathogenesis of a
variety of brain disorders. The goal of this talk is to review the contributions made in 2014 to our enhanced
understanding of the safety and efficacy of the endovascular or open surgical treatment of chronic venous
obstruction in patients with a variety of pathologies including multiple sclerosis, transient global amnesia,
Alzheimer’s disease, ...
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Clive Beggs ISNVD 2015 ... %20all.pdf

Blood storage within the intracranial space and its impact on cerebrospinal fluid dynamics

Clive B Beggs 1
, Simon J Shepherd 1
, Pietro Cecconi 2
and Maria Marcella Lagana 2
1. Medical Biophysics Laboratory, University of Bradford, Bradford, BD7 1DP, UK
2. Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS, IRCCS S. Maria Nascente. Milan, Italy

Background: The volumetric changes that occur throughout the cardiac cycle (CC) in ...
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CCSVI in Europe

I intend to have another CCSVI procedure. I am from Slovenia and I wonder if there is a clinic nearby which offers it. I found one in Germany, but I am interested to get it somewhere cheaper. Please would you send me not only the names of the countries but also the links. Thank you so much.
Best regards, necica
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More about NPH. A Pulse Wave Encephalopathy?

This time I have found the paper of the week faster than Cece and Cheer !!!!

Is There A Pulse Wave Encephalopathy Component To Multiple Sclerosis?

The dominant hypothesis in multiple sclerosis is that it is an autoimmune disease; however, there is considerable evidence that the immune attack on myelin may be secondary to a cytodegenerative event.

Furthermore, the immune modulating therapies longest in clinical use, although ...
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CSF pressure high in children with demyelination

Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Opening Pressure in a Pediatric Demyelinating Disease Cohort ... 941500003X

Cerebrospinal fluid opening pressure is elevated with central nervous system infection and vasculitis, but has not been studied in inflammatory demyelinating disease. This retrospective study sought to determine whether children with demyelinating disease demonstrate elevated cerebrospinal fluid opening pressure, and to explore possible clinical and radiologic correlates.

Pediatric patients with acute disseminated ...
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Happy Birthday Dr. Sclafani!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to MH Doc! Have a wonderful day! Just want you to know that Steve & I will be toasting you tonight with a bottle of Port! Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are eternally grateful! Hope you enjoy Napoli, Mr. President. :wink: :wink:
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Is TVAM the new kid on the CCSVI block?

Hi all,

How many of you have heard of TVAM?

IT seems to be very similar to CCSVI, but from a marketing perspective its been cleverly dissaciated from MS, so that neuros turn a blind eye to it.

There seems to be one very well know Dr Arata performing the procedure in the states, with good results.

Any of you heard of this procedure?

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