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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Abstracts from Bologna conference

Fondazione Hilarecere has put up abstracts of the studies presented by the doctors at the Bologna conference. Far better written than the notes I took, these would be great for the research sticky, Marie-

Dr. Ferlini

Dr. Lee

Dr. Weinstock
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Cause or Consequence?

I’ve seen the argument thrown out in quite a few quotes by the overly and cautiously skeptic medical professionals who have been quoted in various articles. CCSVI can be concretely proven to be present with simple imaging tests, its hard evidence of a physical malformation that can’t be disputed, so the next logical platform for the skeptics will be “We can’t say for sure if CCSVI is a trigger for MS or an additional symptom/result ...
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Consortium Comments re: CCSVI

From the CMSC web site - To me this is much more positive than the MS Socieities responses, especially point #2- ... Itemid=180

We asked Dr. Alex Rae-Grant, CMSC website's Project Leader for Neurology, to share his expertise and views about this article "The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS". Here is his reply:

Multiple sclerosis, even in 2009, remains mysterious and has escaped our full ...
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Thank You

Just wanted to drop a note to say Thank You to all of you who are pioneering us through these early stages of CCSVI. Your posts and stories have given me and my wife hope that we haven't had since her original diagnoses. Just learning about CCSVI recently I kinda feel in a fog with anticipation and excitement, my wife who after being diagnosed just three years ago is already using a walker and only ...
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Low Vitamin D in Mothers cause CCSVI in unborn?

This is my dad's theory, that low vitamin D in the mother causes CCSVI in the unborn child, kind of like a birth defect. This would explain why, in a study I read, people born in the spring have a higher chance of having MS, because the mother did not get as much sun during her pregnancy. It also explains why people in cold climates are more susceptible and why there are more and more ...
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Circulatory collapse

...has anyone ever seen this listed as a possible side effect? I just came across this for the first time, after randomly opening up a book about natural remedies. It talks about chemicals and pesticides, particularly lindane, which was widely used in head lice treatment shampoos. Does anyone remember a product by the name of Kwell? Lindane is the active ingredient, and in addition to neuromuscular damage, I noticed "circulatory collapse." I used this product ...
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2009 European Charcot Symposium

I trust this hasn't been posted before?

Here is the link for the '2009 European Charcot Symposium' which met for the 3 day conference in Lisbon to discuss “A new treatment era in multiple sclerosis: options, challenges and risks”.

Klaus Schmierer & Gavin Giovannoni report on CCSVI in a predictably negative way - see, in particular, the penultimate paragraph of the article. The concluding sentence is 'Without firm ...
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Gang, I was thinking about Dr. Zamboni's call to action to patients: bring CCSVI to doctors.

Cheerleader built the #1 essential resource for patient education on CCSVI.

Any interest in a central spot to keep abreast of current conversations? At least another molecule to pin to the CCSVI nook on the web. (link popularity)

I registered a domain for kicks, to see what might happen if I rope ...
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Info prior to take the Doppler test

Hello Fellas;

I saw the Neurologist Today and he scheduled me right away for a Doppler exam (sonography I guess) on Thursday (starting with and he will see how that come out).
Nonetheless; they have no prior experience in CCSVI therefore I inquire to anyone who already passed those tests.
This is exploratory only and no surgery procedure has even been talked over, it is far too early especially because no one here in Taiwan ...
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Are trials still going on in Detroit??

Hi! I am brand new to both this website and CCSVI.( I'm 27 and was dxd at 19)
I just learned of CCSVI tonight and am overwhelmed on how to interpretate the data. I really want to get my neck scanned I live in the Detroit area, and have been reading a lot about Dr. Haacke. I went to his website and it was down. Now I kinda lost all hope at this point. Am ...
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