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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Anybody going to chelate the iron or attempt to?

I posted the following in another reply, but I thought I would repeat it here... I am just wondering and of course I don't know the answer is whether one could chelate the iron out of the arteries. Iron is also high in Parkinson's and they have been trying to develop iron chelators for years for Parkinson's that they could use without harm but I gather it is tricky to chelate iron out of the ...
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Massaging my Neck... any comments ?

OK.... While are all waiting for Zamboni's newest paper, lets talk about something out of the box !! When I was a little girl my father had poor circulation in his legs. So my mother would massage his legs with a vibrating massager. I guess this was a mechanical way to make the blood flow up his legs.

So now I have started massaging my own neck, LOL. If I have stenosed veins (and I ...
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chelation therapy

Am brand new here --
Would appreciate any feedback re: chelation. CSSVI approach to MS is something I just read about a few days ago. But while reading, was
thinking that IV Chelation might be a safer route to go--it purports to clear out the calcium deposits that clog arteries and veins, as well as the trace mineral, such as the iron, that seems to cause problems acc to CSSVI research. So my thinking is, ...
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Scottish connection quite important

My brother and I have high iron levels, though are pale-faced, and don't eat a lot of iron-rich foods. Ancestry is irish/scottish (predominantly Scottish). These regions have long been known to have a high incidence of MS:

According to the UK MS website:

'In Scotland, there is 137 per cent more MS than in England and Wales'.

In particular, Shetland and Orkney districts have four times the incidence of MS as mainland Scotland (1 in ...
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I suspect Dr Haacke is at this meeting

We are all wondering about Dr Haacke's ms-mri website being no longer available. I did some research and I concluded that Dr Haacke is out of town at this conference :

Dr Haacke has another website that highlights this conference.


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This product is mainly used to chelate iron, unbound iron and according to Bill Sardi, it can chelate iron out of the arteries and out of the brain if used between meals... I have ordered some and waiting for it to arrive Usually arteries get blocked by calcium, not iron! We must have abnormal iron metabolism I would think, although everybody seems to be getting an overload of iron in the diet these days... my ...
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How many are of Celtic background?

Hello... I am new here, although I have been interested in alternative treatments for MS for many years and have never done any of the standard MS drugs as they did not seem to me to be very effective

This new treatment of Dr. Zamboni's is the first thing that has made sense to me, but I do have a number of questions that is about abnormal iron metabolism I am wondering how many people ...
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Let's Talk About Stents

OK, post-Radeck stent candidates are asking themselves some hard questions right about now.

I've been digging around trying to get some idea of the safety and durability (patency) of venous stents.

This isn't easy since the jugular stents are a novel application.

At first I researched the stents used in Venous Insufficiency of the legs - in which the Iliac vein is frequently stented - and with very good results. The stents tend to stay ...
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Angioplasty v. Stenting (blood thinners?)

So did Dr. Zamboni's patients have to take blood thinners after the balloon angioplasty? If so, for how long? Someone probably answered my question already but I can't find it in the forum or on the Internet in general descriptions of angioplasty. Thanks.
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