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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

How many are of Celtic background?

Hello... I am new here, although I have been interested in alternative treatments for MS for many years and have never done any of the standard MS drugs as they did not seem to me to be very effective

This new treatment of Dr. Zamboni's is the first thing that has made sense to me, but I do have a number of questions that is about abnormal iron metabolism I am wondering how many people ...
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Let's Talk About Stents

OK, post-Radeck stent candidates are asking themselves some hard questions right about now.

I've been digging around trying to get some idea of the safety and durability (patency) of venous stents.

This isn't easy since the jugular stents are a novel application.

At first I researched the stents used in Venous Insufficiency of the legs - in which the Iliac vein is frequently stented - and with very good results. The stents tend to stay ...
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Angioplasty v. Stenting (blood thinners?)

So did Dr. Zamboni's patients have to take blood thinners after the balloon angioplasty? If so, for how long? Someone probably answered my question already but I can't find it in the forum or on the Internet in general descriptions of angioplasty. Thanks.
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what does everyone think of this?

I was just given this info from a Consultant radiologist in the uk on ccsvi:

"I am suspicious of the syndrome. Anyone with heart failure, pericardial
constriction or superior vena cave obstruction would have restriction of
venous return and yet no neurological symptoms occur. Also the azygos
vein actually drains the lower body so could not account for cranial
problems." So this does put some doubt on the whole idea. Also he drew my attention ...
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MRI Procedure in Buffalo

Has anyone in the GTA or Buffalo area spoken to one of the private imaging co's in Buffalo about the MRI Protocol for CCSVI? UB has the study but I can't get anyone to call me back. I am sure that they are inundated with calls & requests. I was hoping to just go and have the appropriate MRI procedure completed and submit the results. I have an MRI scheduled for next week at Mac ...
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Back from Poland

Wow, words cant express what a wonderful experience Poland was, or my words cant, but here goes.

It turns out I didn't have stenosis but one jugular had a valve that was upside down, the other jugular had a membrane across it.
Both problems were congenital and have been cleared using balloons rather than stents. My Azygous vein was O.K.
Already my voice is clear and strong, last night there were none of the sleep ...
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Regarding Dr. Zamboni's article

I couldn't wait anymore, so I called the Journal of Vascular Surgery, who directed me to the editors at Elsevier.

They told me that the article should be on-line sometime this week. The original date for publication of the December issue was November 24th, but that was delayed as a result of usual processing delays.

Apparently they've been getting a number of calls about it...
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Great CTV/W5 article for new people

If you click around on the CTV/W5 site you find this, but I thought I'd make it easier for new people. It's a great CCSVI synopsis.
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NHS- their concerns are expressed....

First releases coming out from NHS express the following:

ConclusionThis is valuable research that builds on what is known about the physiological changes that occur in the venous system draining the brain and spinal cord in people with MS. The findings also indicate that there are differences in the venous abnormities in people with the four different disease courses of MS. This suggests that the venous obstruction and its location may have a role in ...
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There's something going on in Italy: Zamboni blocked

Hi all,

On our Dutch forum, someone posted a mesage from an Italian MS forum, about Zamboni being very frustrated because eveyone is blocking his research.

Because my Italian is very bad (it only can buy food in restaurants :D ), I am looking for help. Can someone translate and understand what's going on?

This is the information I could gather:

Taken form the italian MS ...
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