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Hi all!
Here published on "CCSVI nella sclerosi multipla" posters presented in Lisbona at Charcot Foundation.

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency in Multiple Sclerosis.
Onset symptom and clinical course in relation to the hemodynamic pattern.

"Venography and transcranial and extracranial Color-Doppler high-resolution examination (TCCS-ECD) permitted us to detect 5 different malformative patterns of the venous vessels (annulus, septum/valve malformation, twisting, membranous obstruction, agenesis/hypoplasia) and 4 major hemodynamic patterns of extracranial-extravertebral venous outflow. The aim of this ...

Coach Did Get Two Stents After Delay of Game

Just wanted to report in briefly about my return trip to Stanford. I was there Nov. 11 and 12. Tests on the 11th and stents on the 12th. One 29mm stent in the left IJV in the upper thoracic area and a 29mm stent in the azygous. Really felt good the first few days. More energy and better rest. Stilll feeling better. I'd do it all over again. Waking up in the morning feeling like ...
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CCSVI in France ?


Any people being diagnosed for CCSVI in France ?
Who are the doctors to meet ?

Best wishes

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MRI protocol

does anyone know what happened to Dr. Haackes MRI protocol or related websites, they are no longer online, probably overwhelmed? False Creek surgical centre can do the testing but need a requisition from my doctor but I know she'll have no idea what to order.
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CCSVI and pre-existing damage

I see everyone is all excited about this CCSVI and you all should be I on the other hand have some reservations about it being a "cure." I have been living with MS for 27 years and yes I am still high functioning but I still have questions: For those of us that have had MS for an extended period of time and know there is pre-existing damage to our nerves already, how are they ...
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Turned down at Stanford

Despite having MS for 35 years with all the corresponding symptoms, Dr. Dake did the test (MRV) and found NO blockage. No stents were placed. no relief of symptoms. I have no blocked veins. I cried all the way back from Standford.
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to the critics


I am sure there are lot of Dr critics out there on CCSVI.
I think one question they need to ask is if one of the medicine that is used to "treat" MS were to show the same results as liberation procedure has done, would they be criticizing the treatment. Probably not ... the person who found that medicine would be preparing for Nobel speech ... so give credit when evidence is so clear ...
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Question only for ladies!

Couple of women asked me how to manage our every month little problem during the procedure and the night after.

I have not been thinking about that as I and my gynecologist stopped the problem last May.
Since I was 12 every month first 3-4 days were just nightmare. I had extremely strong pain. My Ms alwas got worse during these days. It was better again after one week.
So I get now every 12 ...
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The BBC have covered the story too..

PS Thanks, Cheerleader, for your reply to my last post in this forum.
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