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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Anomalous venous blood flow and iron deposition in multiple

Image Multiple sclerosis (MS) is primarily an autoimmune disorder of unknown origin.

This review focuses iron overload and oxidative stress as surrounding cause that leads to immunomodulation in chronic MS. Iron overload has been demonstrated in MS lesions, as a feature common with other neurodegenerative disorders.

However, the recent description of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) associated to MS, with significant anomalies in cerebral venous outflow hemodynamics, permit to propose a parallel with chronic venous ...
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UK: Article on ‘NHS choices’ website re CCSVI

Great news that CCSVI is slowly creeping onto the UK NHS radar but this is somewhat tempered in that the information listed doesn’t quite correlate with what I’ve already read elsewhere about CCSVI. This is quite sad because a number of UK health professionals refer to this site and may well be influenced by the underlying tone of the article. Reading between the lines, they seem to be pushing the angle that it is ...
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Circulation problems, anyone?

Hi there, This is my first post!

I have 'mild' MS, and bad circulation in my feet and hands; they are always cold. I read somewhere that a woman who had the vein surgery had the unexpected side effect of getting warm hands and feet for the first time in years.
It all seems to me to be adding up...
Also, I almost always set off the metal detectors when going through security checks at ...
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Might CCSVI be caused by a VIRUS?

Hello from a newbie!

Several blogs on Dr Zamboni's stunning breakthrough have alluded to a thought-provoking and important (potential) paradox: a) Why is MS more prevalent in colder climates (eg. Canada)? b) How do we reconcile this with Zamboni’s finding of structural changes in veins?

Here is my kick at the can – mostly a collection of (potentially connected) observations and hypotheses:
1) Higher latitudes have less sun;
2) Less sun = less vitamin D ...
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Jeff's Wonderful Music

I watched A Dog Named Christmas tonight. Jeff's music was lovely and so perfectly tuned with the moods and action in the film. I'm sure he has always been a fine composer, but I'm especially touched tonight knowing that the "Liberation" treatment may enable him to do even more both professionally and for his family in the future.

My hope for each of us with MS is that we will be able to unleash the ...
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Time Period/Buffalo-REsearch

Approximately speaking, how long will it take before we see the results of the Buffalo research efforts? (The one calling for 1000 participants) :) 8O 8)
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Need Help on the CCSVI wikipedia page (urgent!)


I need your help on the CCSVI Wikipedia page. ... ufficiency

Is there anyone who can 'defend' this page against persons who want to delete information on this page. All things went okay, until 25th of November. The person WLU started to delete most of it. His remark was:

"if it is this new we shouldn't be emphasizing it so much; general changes, citation templates, removing problematic, ...
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headache question for stenters

My MS symptoms have improved greatly, but I have developed intense headaches stemming from my neck and shoulder I believe. When I lie down and take the pressure off of the neck muscles, I'm fine. In the morning I'm fine. But, after about 4 hours upright the pain begins. It's everyday now. It's not improving. If it is from the stent, has anyone had headaches this bad? I tried muscle relaxers and haven't had any ...
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Paying for CCSVI

H, I'm new on here but was wondering if it is possible to go to Europe and be investigated and treated for the ccsvi? If so where do you go and who to see. Is it Poland?

Thankyou 8O
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Michelle Obama's father had MS

How can we make Michelle Obama aware of CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis. What a wonderful spokesperson she would be if she would support this theory !! I don't know how to contact a First Lady.

Michelle Obama’s father was diagnosed with MS in his 30s and lived with the disease for much of her life. President Obama witnessed firsthand, as well, the effects that Multiple Sclerosis can have on a family.
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