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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Iron in Zamboni's theory

Now Iron bothers me, cause one neuro said something like this:
"Biochemicly Zamboni's theory can't be right about iron accumulation, cause iron is in red-cells and redcells has to break to release iron.. and there is no proof of that"
And "Iron should be seen in MRI clearly, but you don't.." etc etc

So what do you think? Im sure Zamboni is right that iron accumulation relates to CCSVI, but precisely how? This iron thing ...
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Torben Fog

Found this blog post this morning - don't recall reading about this guy before, though tit might be of interest ...

Fog reviewed the literature on the relationship of the vessels to plaques from Rindfleisch’s observations in 1863 to 1947. Noting the theory of Putnam (1930-1939) that thrombosis of small veins may be the underlying mechanism of plaque formation, and the studies on this by Dow and Berglund (1942), Zimmermann and Netsky (1950), and his ...
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Sleeping in

I know this probably belongs in General Discussion, but I always like the feedback from here for me since I now have stents put in and need to come from that frame of reference, ie no MS drugs messing with me. As most MS'ers, sleep has always been somewhat tricky. Moreso in the beginning, but has crept back in as the bladder has gotten worse over the years. Despite night time cathing (which has been ...
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Mutley goes to Poland, and returns home liberated.

As some of you may know I’m quite new to this site. I was drawn here by the wealth of information regards CCSVI so you don’t need me to tell you about how exciting the developments are in this field. Suffice to say that the possibility that there is finally something on the horizon that could make a major difference to people diagnosed with MS, their symptoms and long term outlook is absolutely epic.

Like ...
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We had good news and bad news

Yesterday, my husband went for a phlebography in Paris, with an interventional radiologist. For those who don't know, my husband had a doppler done with one of the doctors working with Dr Zamboni, and he told my husband that his left Jugular appeared absent. The good news was that the left jugular was operable. He had 3 places of stenosis, and the doctor was able to balloon them, but one will need further ballooning, as ...
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CCSVI as underlying cause


I am interested to know if any of you think that sometime in future CCSVI will treated as a disease by itself rather than being just a diagnosis support tool. For example, First diagnose MS then check for CCSVI and then treat it.
I am asking this question because there are lot of conditions which are similar to MS and the real cause is still not known. Today some proof is available to show ...
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Our past MRI's

Excuse my English, I'm french-speaking and never write in your language.

I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1980. I had my first MRI in 2001, and five others since that time.

Since I saw CTV's program W5 last friday on CCSVI, I wonder why our radiologists didn't notice venous anomalies in the data from our past MRI's. Is it so difficult to detect a twisted or malformed vein?

Thanks in advance.
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Hope But Hopeless

Having watched the documentary (I live in Canada). I am filled with such hope, I mean it all makes total sense in my opinion . I am a 33 year old women who has been sick since 20 . It started with bladder problems, then 2 years later I developed left drop foot and heaviness in my thighs. A year later I was diagnosed with MS, after they initially thought it was either spinal tumor ...
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US Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kantor's blog about CCSVI

A well written blog by a US Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kantor about CCSVI.

Click on blogs.

Entry dated November 25, 2009 entitled Going to the other side.

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neurologique !!!! EVERYONE READ THIS

please go to this link !!!!!!! Does it sound familiar ???
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