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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

US Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kantor's blog about CCSVI

A well written blog by a US Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kantor about CCSVI.

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Entry dated November 25, 2009 entitled Going to the other side.

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neurologique !!!! EVERYONE READ THIS

please go to this link !!!!!!! Does it sound familiar ???
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Oh, Radeck?

Expected to hear from Radeck by now. High stents are the only thing I can think of that would keep such a man quiet this long, but I didn't think high stents were in the cards for him. Anyone know anything?
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My Neuro REFUSES to complete forms for CTEVD Study in Buffal

Hi all...

I haven't posted here much but I've been following since February or so. I have also posted on the FB page and I'm more active at Brain Talk.

So yup, uhuh. My Neuro flat out REFUSED to complete the forms to allow me to potentially participate in this study.

Okay, so I've had the forms for a week or so and yes, I didn't fax them to the MS Clinic until 8:15 Monday ...
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Is anyone aware of who the contact is regarding the study in Hamilton? I am not really sure if it is being carried out there but I have heard rumours. Does anyone have the name of a contact doctor to become a patient in the CCSVI study anywhere in Canada or the U.S.? I have had MS since 1981 and have fared well until 2003 and I am now on a downward slope. Any contact ...
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What tests should I ask my doctor for?

I want to check if I have CCSVI. What tests do I need to ask my doctor for?

I have had full spine/brain MRIs with the contrast injection. Would these MRIs show vein abnormalities?
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My Evidence

This might sound foolishly romantic, pathetic and naive, but to me, one conclusive evidence for the CCSVI paradigm is what the CTV show revealed: The love of Dr. Zamboni to his wife as a motor to his studies. In a quite logical way, at least to me, this really is a quite weightily fact. The conclusion is: Let's assume (for a very VERY short moment :wink:) that ...
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MS expert questions CCSVI...

11-25-2009: The Ottawa Citizen reports that MS expert downplays Italian surgeon’s treatment. With all due respect to Dr. Freedman, I think MS patients have absolutely nothing to lose by testing themselves to see if indeed they have partially or completely blocked veins. I come from a family of doctors and while I am cautious, the cost benefit analysis suggests that you have nothing to lose by testing yourself. These doctors should disclose their research grants ...
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Oh what a week I'm having!

OK, most of the detail is going on my blog post later. I have a pretty cool story to tell that has surprised me in a big and good way. As you all know I've been doing "pretty well" here as of late. Finally have had enough accumulation of little things that have resulted in me having to admit that it's changed for the better.

So yesterday I got my hardest test to date and ...
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Does anyone have the particulars for the MRI and doppler tests regarding CCSVI? I have been trying to get into the UB study but I am sure that they are inundated with calls given the recent W5 program. I was thinking about having the MRI and doppler done myself and submitting the results for review but I wanted to get the particulars before I try and book anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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