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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Woohoo CCSVI

I have been so preoccupied this year, I have missed this discovery completely. Boy oh boy, do I have catching up to do and I plan to read every post on this topic.

Thank you to those of you who are posting your CCSVI journey so we can share in the process almost first hand.

I had 3 or 4 phone calls about the W5 special yesterday which brought it to my attention or else ...
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I made contact with Stanford and this is my first post

Hello to all on this forum!

I have been monitoring since my RRMS dx in 2004. I've been following the CCSVI forum since April or May. I recently went off Tysabri after 24 doses (last dose 8 weeks ago). The CCSVI model and research makes so much sense to me. I think it is a very exciting time for the MS community. I made the decision to explore my possibility of being treated by ...
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veins of the head and neck--mini anatomy lesson

This is a nice, short summary of the function of the venous system of the head and neck, plus a diagram. It's helping me to get all the terms and functions straight:
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Stenosis and severity of MS correlation


The only thing I can't work out is why people who seem to only have maybe 1 jugular occluded can be worse off then say someone who has 2 occluded jugulars.

How comes the number of stenosis found does not relate to the amount of disability

Is it just some people's ability to copensate is better than others?

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Feature Article in The Globe and Mail

The Story of Paolo and Elena...

Labor of Love leads to breakthrough in treating MS

makes my heart sing,
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How does CCVI explain the successes of Rituximab and High ..

Dose Cyclophosphamide in the treatment of MS?

Sorry if that's been asked before, I waswn't paying attention..
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CCSVI and yawning

I don`t remember if it was mentioned somewhere, but I noticed that my girlfriend is yawning too often in the mornings, until she gets up from bed. It`s like once a minute. I think that happens also before going to sleep and also when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I never do that in that times, only sometimes.
I know that it is not clear why people yawn, but there is ...
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Round 2 for skydog at Stanford

Sure feels good feeling good again. Now that the pain has made its way from my neck slowly down the shoulders to the arms and now rests just slightly in my right elbow. How does this happen this way? Procedure # 2. The whole trip from start to finish couldn't be better. It was perfect in all aspects. We arrived early and stayed late which gave time for meeting three of our fellow Patients/forum members. ...
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Brain Bucket

Kind of an interesting video, granted the MRI does not show the jugular veins, but still a cool invention.

'Brain Bucket' Can See Into Your Brain

Developed and implemented at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the device, officially titled the "multi-channel phased ray coil," is basically a helmet featuring a myriad of sensors and coils connected an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.

With the Brain Bucket, the ...
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CCSVI symptoms...besides MS?

So I have connected some of the sensations I have had for a while with CCSVI and wondered if anyone else has the same symptoms/sensations?

I have felt these as long as I can remember and never mentioned them because I thought it was normal. Come to find out my husband and everyone else who is "healthy" that I have asked does not.

I have not been tested for CCSVI, but I do have MS, ...
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