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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

E-mail from Dr. Haacke....

OK. Overwhelming the docs that want to help us is not going to work. Dr. Haacke understands this, but his e-mail accounts are full, his phone won't stop ringing and people have found out his private information to contact him. This is not good. Believe me, he understands the desperation, but we've got to do better.

Dr. Haacke wants to help establish a testing protocol for MS patients. He will not be able to treat ...
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RV parking close to Stanford?

Hi all,
I’m one of the many who have their paper work in and are waiting for the call from Dr. Dake and then the next call from Darcey or Alex to schedule.
I’ve been following all the posts from our pioneer brother’s & sisters on pre- & post surgery suggestions, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. The info on negotiating the Stanford hospital and local lodging is extremely helpful.
Now ...
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There is a sticky on CCSVI on MS World!!!

I was thrilled to see a sticky with information on CCSVI at the top of the general message board of MS World. Wow, the avalanche of CCSVI info is spreading fast!
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Media interest

It's all happening, perhaps.
Yesterday I emailed the fabulous w5 news report to lots of British news organisations and reporters. Today I was contacted by the BBC who had loads of questions for me about CCSVI and my imminent treatment.. It's about time CCSVI caused an avalanche of interest this side of the pond.
Fingers crossed.
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OH Canada..making the Liberation Treatment an option

A few questions I'm seeking answers to.....

1. I want the testing done to see if I have stenosis...what test do I ask for?

2. Can a patient request the testing from their GP or do they require a specialist?

3. If a blocked vein is present, shouldn't it be fixed regardless of ms?

4. If testing reveals CCSVI, what is the next seek out a specialist?

5. Do we wait for trained people ...
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Anything happening in the Northeast US?

Hi, I'm a newbie here, the husband of a woman with a mild case of ms. We live in New Hampshire USA. Anyhow, this whole CCSVI issue has got us very excited, but I can't believe there is no action yet in the northeast even as far as testing. Does anyone have any leads on when things may start to happen up here? We are very tempted to just take the plunge and set up ...
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Zamboni new publication?


Sorry to put up a new post, but I can't find the info needed in all the other posts:

In which magazine will P. Zamboni publish his results of the tracking of the liberation procedure tomorrow?

I seem to remember there was a link or a title mentioned.

Need this to inform a journalist who might be interested.

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Hi... sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I searched a bit and couldn't find a definite answer...

The University of Buffalo press release ( indicates that the first part of their study will be unblinded sometime in November ... any ideas as to when exactly? Would love to be able to look forward to an exact date. :)
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PPMS, CCSVI, and what Dr. Zamboni said in the CTV interviews

What I understood about PPMS and CCSVI up until I watched the CTV interviews was this:

1. PPMS progression takes longer to stop- about 18 months.
2. PPMS stenosis is located in different areas than RRMS, including more often the azygos veins.

But in one of the post production interviews I heard Zamboni say,

"not all of the narrowing of Primary Progressive people can be treated"

and then he was abruptly cut off. Does anyone ...
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Stents and MRI's

I hope this isn't a stupid question but if you have metal mesh stents placed in your jugs can you still get MRI's? It seems that metal and MRI machines are not friends.
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