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Zamboni new publication?


Sorry to put up a new post, but I can't find the info needed in all the other posts:

In which magazine will P. Zamboni publish his results of the tracking of the liberation procedure tomorrow?

I seem to remember there was a link or a title mentioned.

Need this to inform a journalist who might be interested.

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Hi... sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I searched a bit and couldn't find a definite answer...

The University of Buffalo press release ( indicates that the first part of their study will be unblinded sometime in November ... any ideas as to when exactly? Would love to be able to look forward to an exact date. :)
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PPMS, CCSVI, and what Dr. Zamboni said in the CTV interviews

What I understood about PPMS and CCSVI up until I watched the CTV interviews was this:

1. PPMS progression takes longer to stop- about 18 months.
2. PPMS stenosis is located in different areas than RRMS, including more often the azygos veins.

But in one of the post production interviews I heard Zamboni say,

"not all of the narrowing of Primary Progressive people can be treated"

and then he was abruptly cut off. Does anyone ...
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Stents and MRI's

I hope this isn't a stupid question but if you have metal mesh stents placed in your jugs can you still get MRI's? It seems that metal and MRI machines are not friends.
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I am a new member although I have followed the comments on this board for a couple of weeks.
I want to do the procedure with DR. Dake and I have answered all of questions, sent in my insurance info, and sent him photos of my last MRI. Alex e-mailed me said that she has everything and that Dake will be contacting me next via phone. My question is about insurance. I have learned that ...
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Diet and Iron deposits

Thanks to the great sources of information on this site I have learnt that Iron deposits in the brain are really bad news. In light of last night’s fantastic documentary (link) about Zamboni’s work, this link between Iron deposits and damage/disability is now really playing on my mind

I know that the topic of diet is fairly subjective, but how sensible would it be to avoid food sources and supplements that are high in Iron? ...
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Personal experiences with Vitamin D, exercise & Mononucl

When my grandmother was pregnant with my mom, she was on bed rest and my grandfather, being too proud to ask for help, fed her mostly potatoes. She must have had a lack of Vit D and other nutrients because of diet and bed rest. My mother had many physical problems through her life and later when she gave birth to my older brother, she had to stay in the hospital and have one kidney ...
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Welcome to New Visitors from Facebook!

This is the place to come discuss, learn, share and encourage. We have people from all over the world who have been tested and treated using Dr. Zamboni's CCSVI protocol. Use the search function to find the topics you are interested. The search button is up above, and you can search one word or many (make sure to click "search all words" if using more than one term)

Many of your questions may be answered ...
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Research in Buffalo

How do I get into the research in buffalo?
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