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Moved to the random ccsvi notions thread.
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EGCG, iron and the brain

Ursula, our German EGCG trial participant posted over in the Drug Pipeline

Wanted to make sure all CCSVI stento-teers and CCSVI curious knew about the iron chelating properties of EGCG (green tea extract)- thanks to Sharon for pointing this out again to Ursula-
Jeff's been on it for a year or so, as part of the endothelial health program. As we learn more about iron deposition in MS, ...
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From the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC).

SWI-MRI image shows high iron levels in MS compared to control.

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40-50k out of pocket??!!

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Dr Simka (Poland)

Good evening,
I was diagnoised with PPMS 17/02/2009 & i've my 2nd MRI+MRV 11/11/2009.I've made an appointment with Dr Simka 30/11/2009.
Best Regard's
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the 'Random CCSVI Notions' thread

It seems like many of us get random ideas about how CCSVI night be connected to some other thing - sometimes they don't seem worth mentioning in their own thread. I thought it might be neat to have a place to put the results of these brainstorms - if they happen to get some traction in here, perhaps at that point break it out into a new thread.

The idea being that nothing is too ...
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Need a workable, simple definition of CCSVI & stenting

Hi everyone,

I've mentioned this elsewhere in posts, but now I'm starting a new thread about the huge need for a short, simple definition of CCSVI that explains the concept and stenting for both the jugular and azygous veins.

Perhaps everyone can help develop one???

Otherwise, I'm afraid patients aren't going to be telling their doctors much of anything.

After all, a major symptom in MS is cognitive problems, so a boiled-down definition would help ...
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Anyone been to Stanford who has no CCSVI?

Well, the question sounds silly so I must explain it.

Apart from me another german woman had her veins checked by Dr. Simka in Poland via doppler without finding any problems in the jugulars.

But at least in my case Dr. Schelling said after seeing my MRT's that I have quite definitely a problem with the veins concerning the lesions in my head (I also have lesions in the spine but the azygos vein can't ...
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Questions - Possible New Underlying Cause Of MS Investigated

I came across this article and though it was interesting, but I have some questions of my own that it raises.

Possible New Underlying Cause Of MS Investigated By Neurologists

“The possibility that the symptoms of MS result from narrowing of the primary veins outside the skull, a condition called "chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency," or CCSVI” - (Now I want you to notice the words possibility & symptoms ...
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